BTW, I need mine done too.

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Found via Frostfirezoo. (Click for bigness.)

Ha ha.

I love these. First time during the game I saw this one, but we laughed.

It's Almost Here.

It's now officially Fall and last night I came home to a surprise present from a friend: Halloween candy. She has a 3-year old and a 6-year old and it was their idea to leave the candy.

I can ignore milk chocolate, and Whoppers (which I'd never had before) and I can even ignore Kit Kat's and suckers, but dammit she put Reese's Cups and Junior Mints and I am trying my best to stay out of the kitchen.

September is almost over, which means my FAVORITE month in the whole year is starting soon. Shortly the leaves will start changing and the nights are days are already cooler. I'm going to start making pumpkin pies and soups and I'm going to make my sister make her Butternut Squash lasagna.

I really wish I could take the whole month of October off. I can't but I did take a week off and I can't wait for it. It's taking forever to get here.

Anyway, to get you in the mood, at least a little, because October also brings Halloween! So here are 7 Spooky Ghost Towns for you to enjoy. Or at least procrastinate a little with.

I can't figure out how to embed this. So go watch it.

But if you need to be put in the mood. I just read about a creepy story on the blog Phantoms & Monsters, the name of the post is titled The Himuro Mansion Haunting: Japanese Urban Legend or Fact? and the original post is over at a blog named Paranormala.

Here's an excerpt:

This is the basis of the “haunting” of the Himuro Mansion. Local legend has it that these souls of the murdered family wander the mansion attempting to repeat the failed ritual using whomever enters the abandoned building. Blood splashes on the walls are reportedly seen, as if they were flicked from the blade of a sword that had recently sliced through flesh. Many have reported seeing spirits and apparitions dressed completely in white, rinsing cloths and preparing the grounds for the ritual.

Reminds me of The Grudge (hence the visual). One weekend my sister and I decided for some reason to watch The Grudge and The Grudge 2 back to back. Freaked us the hell out, probably because we emmersed ourselves a little too much in the story. We also has a friend who can unhinge her jaw (yeah, I'm talking to you Mandi) and make that face. I'd tell her to be that for Halloween, but it would probably freak me out TOO much.

New Favorite Word

tintinnabulation: a tinkling sound, as of a bell or bells.

That is the word of the day, from I don't know where. Say that 10x fast. I need to work this into my every day vocabulary I think.

I have been behind the 8 ball ever since I got back from out-of-town last week. It was fun, but damn my house needs to be vacuumed.

I'm recovering from a bit of heat exhaustion and sun-burn as well. It's what happens when you're a blond airhead who forgets to drink water and wear sunscreen as she runs all over the VT campus and watches the VT/GT game on the sunny side of the stadium. My sister made me sit for most of the first quarter while I drank water and had another cold bottle on the back of my neck. She's smart. And I'm finally feeling normal.

I had fun stuff to blog about and now I've forgotten everything and lost all the links. I have been reading your blogs, I just haven't gotten the gumption to grace your blogs with my opinion. ;)

Oh, as you know, I hate dolls - so this is FREAKING CREEPY. It's freaking me out just looking at the page long enough to get the link. I watched the first 13 seconds of that video and had to turn it off.

Hers is over 6ft long! And really skinny. (*snicker* the quotes have that middle school humor... )

Not only is that one big zucchini, that is one HUGE zucchini vine. It looks like it's growing on a trellis overhead.

Now that's an idea. Mine were just in raised beds and started taking over the walkway. Although, I'm not sure where to put a trellis like that in my backyard.

She says in the article they usually don't get more than 4ft... does she normally grow 4ft tall zucchini??

Found via YesButNoButYes. Daily News Article here.

If you were a little wary of online dating because you thought the people joining had to be "different", you haven't seen nothing yet.

Enter OtherKinDating.

All the shapeshifters, aliens, werewolves and elves that don't feel loved now have a place to go.

They also suggest taking your OtherKinDates to Renaissance Festivals. Put that on the list of reasons I have not to go to one of those.

Found via Hecklerspray.

Ha ha. Via

We have some Virginia Tech football news to announce: Tyrod Taylor is back.

Beamer said he informed Glennon of the decision Monday and that Glennon was very disappointed. Taylor is excited, Beamer said. Neither quarterback will be available for interviews this week.

I feel slightly bad for saying this but perhaps if Glennon didn't crumble under the pressure and throw 2 interceptions on Saturday he wouldn't be "very disappointed." I guess though that I too would be very disappointed. I'd want to prove myself too after the taunting and hate mail he's gotten.

But, I still can't wait for Saturday. :D

VT goes back to 2 Quarterback system.


Supposedly a California man believes his step-father was the Zodiac Killer.

I have a weird fascination with serial killers. Truth be told, the fascination sometimes bothers me. I blame a criminal justice class I had to take in high school. The teacher was one of my favorites (she also taught me American History), she used to crow in the middle of class specifically to bother the English class beside us.

First article here, and the update article here.

The Boston Globe has an article on how important daydreaming is.

And luckily, I suppose, I fall into the good category that is aware they are daydreaming. In other words, I can pay attention to the fact that I'm daydreaming and realize when these daydreams lead to ideas.

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