This is the recently opened Academy of the Sciences in San Francisco - how awesomely cool.

Although, I totally got fooled, I thought the whole thing was underground, but that photo just makes it look like that - to see the whole building go to their website:, still VERY cool though.

Found via Inspire me, now!, via Archidose.

Who is making me this cake for my birthday? Huh? Anyone? More photos at the original link.

Via Geekologie.

Be Careful

I'm just the messenger people, and I don't make this stuff up. ;)

The Curse of Tecumseh via Cryptomundo, fuller post over at his other blog, The Copycat Effect.

Kinda Creepy...

A film maker who wears a prosthetic eye already is considering placing a camera inside his fake eye and using it as a chance to "lifecast."

This is very cool, but something about it freaks me out. Maybe because I avoid cameras like the plague and I like knowing where they are and knowing if I am in fact being filmed. Cool for a documentary, but still creepy.

Via Wired


I am recovering from an ear infection that started Sunday afternoon. Today is my first day back at work and it's not fun so far.

I have my arsenal of medicines on my desk but I keep running into things with these drops in my ears.

However, Joker sent me this wonderful article about a dog being frozen to a sidewalk. He certainly knows how to cheer me up. :p

Also, if this doesn't make sense, I'm blaming the antibiotic. ;)

If you like environmentally friendly construction AND The Hobbit, you'll love this! I want to live there. Part of me thinks I'd be too tall, but we could fix that I'm sure.

Facebook might be slowly strangling my blog. Don't worry, the blog is putting up a valiant fight.

If you haven't talked to me recently or at all on Facebook, you may not know my hilarious recent obsession with Tom Selleck's mustache.

We were talking about things we trusted here at our fun agency and I suggested Magnum p.i. Which led to trusting Tom Selleck's mustache. Which in turn led to my February calendar graphic of Tom Selleck's mustache for the agency calendar.

And now? We have a Plushtache.

I'm heartbroken that it's sold out, because I think pictures of me with it would be about the best thing ever. One of these days, I will have a Plushtache.


Via poppytalk.

I love the whimsical quality of this. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Via Inspire me, now! There's more at LiveJournal.

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