Or our own town. I feel ya buddy:

I find myself being greeted with cutouts of articles talking about procrastination while supervisors and people with some leverage in the decision making business of the department are constantly rendezvousing to chat it up while I have my headphones on and I’m sending the twelfth job for the day. I’m handing things early and the thanks I get are the ones that are already embedded into the signature of an email. That and finger wagging emails highlighting trivial “mistakes” that are more style than substance and which on a rush day wouldn’t make any difference.

Misery loves company, so read the whole post.

Happy Friday

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The purchase of a ceramic mustache coffee mug, with a silicone top.

Google Montage

T-Shirt War

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I'll get to important things later. If I think of them. ;)

So brandflakesforbreakfast pointed me to the creepy robot site.

Which makes this German study extremely... creepy. (Thanks Grant.)

German researchers studied what happens in accidents involving robots using sharp tools alongside humans.

They used a robot arm holding a variety of bladed tools programmed to strike test substances that mimic soft tissue.

In some cases, the researchers found, the robots managed to accidentally inflict wounds that would prove "lethal".

The tests were conducted to see if a prototype safety system could limit the damage done.


We haven't talked about pandas in a while. This will help.

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I think this would be fabulous. And better than my usual oatmeal. But am I the only one that doesn't see where the toast would go?

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Have to Share!

Isn't that just gorgeous?!

15,552,000 seconds (6 months). The image was captured by photographer Justin Quinnell, on a pin-hole camera made from an empty drinks can with a 0.25mm aperture and a single sheet of photographic paper.

More on 22GL, via brandflakesforbreakfast

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