At least the time in which I have to give out candy. I had over 75 kids... thank god most of them were young and cute. I always buy more than enough candy.

On to watch The Live Ghost Hunters.

New Slowsky's commercial... and as usual, it doesn't disappoint. At least not me.

is brought to you by me (of course) and my favorite run-down house.

The image at left is originally a color slide which I developed on a color enlarger with the magenta turned up too high... a happy accident.

One of these days I will brave the no trespassing sign and go inside. I will give adequate notice so that in case I fall through a floor someone can come rescue and then arrest me.


How Appropriate

And I didn't get a picture. I tried too. I didn't realize what the license plate said until I passed him to get into the other lane and then he was driving waaay to slow for me to try to get behind him again.

His plate said:


Swear. I can't believe someone would have that on their license plate... anyways Happy Halloween!


God that was painful to watch.

I mean for god's sakes the game isn't over if you've still got 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

It's expensive

And kind of ugly... and it's definitely not a jetpack.

A US company have developed a car that can easily beat traffic jams - it can fly.

At the touch of a button the Transition from Terrafugia four-wheeled car extends a pair of wings either side of its main body.

Chief operating officer, Anna Mracek Dietrich, said: "It will take just a few seconds to transform and will be fully automated after the command is given in the cockpit. We're currently sold out for at least the first year, approaching the first two of production".

The Transition will use low-cost electronics and feature GPS and auto-pilot weather radar.

The prototype, which runs on super unleaded petrol, cruises at 120mph and lands at 65mph.

The estimated hourly fuel burn of four gallons equates to 30mpg in flight.

Terrafugia - which means escape from the earth - are selling for £74,000.

The company hopes the first car will be ready by next December.

You ever chew gum so long it makes you nauseous?


It's a small world. Sometimes too small.


Does my picture REALLY have to go with a news release about me?


Anybody know a good program - online - that will work with iCal? I read of a good one somewhere on a blog I trust and now I don't remember it.


I need a haircut.


I forgot the rest because I didn't write them down.

Thanks to Myspace I have been informed of the sequel to National Treasure... National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Now... I'm a dork. I admit it. I like the first one. It's silly and mindless and fun and deals with the weird crap I love. I like watching it. I also like watching it on Sunday afternoons when I have nothing to do and I pop it in so I can nap.

So that said, sequels tend to suck... and people will make sequels to good movies that don't need sequels. And despite the fact that the original cast is all in the movie, something tells me this might suck.

And yeah, there wasn't really any major point to this post... although on the topic of movies, I saw Breach last night and it was awesome.

Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave? Vatican TV director says yes

By NICK PISA - More by this author »
Last updated at 21:21pm on 15th October 2007

This fiery figure is being hailed as Pope John Paul II making an appearance beyond the grave.

The image, said by believers to show the Holy Father with his right hand raised in blessing, was spotted during a ceremony in Poland to mark the second anniversary of his death.

Details appeared on the Vatican News Service, a TV station in Rome which specialises in religious news broadcasts.

Service director Jarek Cielecki, a Polish priest and close friend of John Paul II, travelled to Poland after hearing an onlooker had photographed the image.

Father Cielecki said he was convinced the picture showed the former pontiff.

"You can see the image of a person in the flames and I think it is the servant of God, Pope John Paul II," he said.

The pictures were being broadcast continuously on Italian TV and also posted on religious websites, some of which crashed as thousands logged on to see for themselves the eerie figure formed by the flames.

The bonfire was lit during a service at Beskid Zywiecki, close to John Paul's birthplace at Katowice, southern Poland, on April 2 - the second anniversary of his death.

Hundreds had attended the ceremony. Gregorz Lukasik, the Polish man who took the photographs, said: "It was only afterwards when I got home and looked at the pictures that I realised I had something.

"I showed them to my brother and sister and they, like me, were convinced the flames had formed the image of Pope John Paul II.

"I was so happy with the picture that I showed it to our local bishop who said that Pope John Paul had made many pilgrimages during his life and he was still making them in death."

via The Daily Mail

Blog Action Day

So as usual these past few months... I'm about a day late and a dollar short.

Yesterday was Blog Action Day and I meant to post something but I was swamped fixing a direct mail that wasn't the right color and the pill was too shiny and, well you get the drift.

I have a very large stack of newspapers sitting in my kitchen [insert would-be photo here] that are accumulating until I can get to the recycling center and my post was going to focus on finding alternative means to deal with my problem. But I didn't have time, so here's the first search result on Google.

Talk about a bad start to the morning. First thing I see when I get up is that I have a text message. It's a random number so initially I think it's AT&T telling me that a new store is opening. Those text messages are annoying... but I don't have to pay for them.

This message shows up as 362-45. When I open the message it says: stoks Are Coming Up Big and RPDM is leading the way, Rapid Fire Marketing Lydia XKim

Now you can see why I'm irritated. I don't text message enough to have a plan for it, which means that stupid message just cost me $0.15. Sure, $0.15 isn't a lot. But I shouldn't be getting that message, because I still have a landline which I never answer because the only people that call me on it are telemarketers and I'm slowly starting to dwindle those. Point is I have it so that I NEVER give my cell phone number to anyone except people I know.

Does anyone have any idea how I could make this stop before I'm paying a whole lot of money for these things?

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