Now that's a solid piece of fan trailer.

Via coworker Dean.


This is very cool, my friend Grant just sent it to me. Watch.

Don't know if it's these guys: Pilobolus or these Pilobolus.

He'd be 97 years old today. So in honor - you can go make your own at

Found via the MoMA's Twitter stream.

Try Not To Laugh

I'm irritable today. Maybe it's because everyone is dissing a new show I found funny (which was the point of the show - sort of reminds me of Psych in an ad agency).

So far, I think I'm the only one who watched this show who even mildly liked it. But, of course, most people I know who watched it watched it through the eyes of someone working in an ad agency (and we're too cool to like things). ;)

Nobody here in the blog world liked Mad Men when it first started either (I didn't). It took several episodes for people to get into it and now everyone's drooling over the show. What? I'm just saying. But that's not my point.

What is my point? Not sure I have one. But I don't think the setting is what is going to make this show. Sure, ad people tuned in to watch it because it deals with advertising. Makes me wonder if cops tune into check out every new crime drama that gets the go-ahead. Never-mind, they wouldn't get anything done. Although, I wonder if they're as "that's not how it really is" as we seem to be. Oh wait, my mother does like to point out how very non-realistic most hospital dramas are.

Of course it's not. This is TV, nobody would really wants to watch what I do all day. Pretty much like House solves random, rare diseases by the skin of his genius teeth every episode, so these guys are gonna come up with dumb commercials (well, that's VERY real life, talk to anyone outside of advertising about the crap we make them watch). But I doubt you tune into House to see what the disease du jour is, at least I don't.

I already like Tom Cavanaugh and his character is hysterical in this show (my sister made the comment that if I did and said everything I thought I'd come off rather similar - so maybe I have to like him), so I'm interested enough by him to see what the other characters do.

Anyways, I'll definitely be watching again, mostly because I already watch The Closer and this comes on after, so I can remember to watch it.

Now, a historian claims, Mengele's notorious experiments may have borne fruit.

For years scientists have failed to discover why as many as one in five pregnancies in a small Brazilian town have resulted in twins – most of them blond haired and blue eyed.

But residents of Candido Godoi now claim that Mengele made repeated visits there in the early 1960s, posing at first as a vet but then offering medical treatment to the women of the town.

Article: Nazi Angel of Death Joseph Mengele create twin town in Brazil.

That's hysterical. I had a coughing fit I laughed so hard.


Mmmm... ice cream. It's almost 60˚ outside. I wish it were Spring.

Via Inspire me, now!


You know what it was this morning when I went to get in my car??? -5˚F! That's cold!

So cold in fact, my car wouldn't start. Which led to a very irritating ride to work with a family member. I spilled coffee on my pants and it is freezing in my office.

I'm waiting for the fact that it's Friday and that I have a 3-day weekend to sink in and make me happy.

Image via Flickr CC license.


These are great. There 2 more over on AdFreak, which is where I saw them in the first place. I've done a lot with the Special Olympics and one of my best friend's daughters participates in the bowling here every year. Most ads don't make my heart swell, but these do - maybe it's because how true they are.

Maybe if it looked like this outside I could handle the 15˚F weather we're getting tomorrow (and that's not factoring in the wind chill). I live in the South, we should never be this cold. This is ridiculous.

But that picture is pretty.



That graphic makes me happy. It's for a line of preserves, very smart and simple. Looks great on the container too.

Full packaging at Lovely Package.

What an ODD picture of James Dean.

Via FFFFound.

Crook hid in carpet

A crook tried to dodge a police search by disguising himself as a carpet.

The thief rolled himself up in a giant rug and propped himself up against a balcony wall while cops searched his aunt's flat in Warsaw, Poland, after he held up a cosmetics shop.

He was only found after a two hour search when a fed up detective went out onto the balcony for a smoke and noticed the carpet was trembling.

Miroslaw Dabrowski, 32, is now facing 12 years in jail for armed robbery.

Reading about the weirdest sleep disorders.

Take Fatal Familial Insomnia, a rare genetic sleep disorder that affects fewer than 50 families around the world, according to the Merck Manual of Medical Information.

A healthy person in his mid-50s has trouble sleeping one otherwise normal night. The next night is worse, and the next is worse still. Days turn to weeks and sleep regimens shrink to less than an hour daily. The person's pupils shrink to a tiny size. Men become impotent. As weeks turn to months, the ability to sleep disappears entirely. A rare gene they inherited from their ancestors tricks their brain into thinking the body is always awake. They can close their eyes or lie down to rest, but they will literally never "sleep" again, according to a multiple case studies, including a one by Ann Akroush in Case Studies in Virtual Genetics.

Hallucinations and paranoia begin to take hold and eventually deteriorate into a state of dementia, according to the Merck Manual. Soon, they slip into a coma-like fog and, mercifully, die. The whole process can take as little as seven months or as long as three years. There is no known cure.

Creepy. You can read about SUNDS and Sexsomnia in the article.

Found via CoasttoCoastAM.

I Got Tagged

Joker tagged me. I haven't to figure out 7 things you don't know about me. Hmmmm.... and then tag 7 other people

Alright here goes:

1) Since Ricardo Montalban died yesterday I will tell you how much of a little shit I was to my twin sister when I was much younger. She HATED that ear wig scene in "The Wrath of Khan." So – and I thought this was hysterical – I would fast forward the movie to that scene and yell at her that I wanted her to come look at something. As soon as she would come in the room, I'd hit play. She'd run and scream and I would laugh. She still hates me a little.

2) I recently got roped into reading those "Twilight" books. I think the most interesting thing to me was the biological effects of vampire semen on a human – that's just a plot hole I can't get over. I'm still not thoroughly convinced. (This is apparently a genetic quirk, the first question out of my mother's mouth was about the main character's time of the month.)

3) Unless you follow me on Facebook you will not know that I own a Flying Slingshot Monkey that I love to throw across the wall at the copywriter. She screams really loud. He also wears tiny squirrel underpants.

4) I kick puppies – metaphorically speaking.

5) I played the flute for over 8 years in marching bad. And I hated to practice.

6) I have an unhealthy interest in Tom Selleck's mustache.

7) I don't like dolls. Creepy, marionette-type dolls. I just sit and wait for their heads to start turning.

OK, let's see, who am I going to tag?

Jetpacks, because he hasn't done it yet.
Grant (do it on Facebook) ;)
Will (if you're still there)

Well, that's 6 or I guess technically 5. I'm close. :p

I'm a bit excited. Mostly because I read the blog every day.

What is it you ask? The guys from American Copywriter are going to be in my town next week speaking at two different events.

And no, I probably won't go talk to them. I'm painfully shy in real life.

That's it, I just wanted to share. :)


Uh-huh. Tell me that's not funny.


If you don't read Why Advertising Sucks - but I think most of you do. (I'm giving some link love today because I've been seriously lacking in my posting lately.)

Joker has a music post up. I'm very proud of myself for owning some of those albums already, but I've got some shopping to do. :)

I'm also going to give a shout-out to my other two favorite bloggers Jetpacks and Fred.

Jetpacks is jealous of those of you with smart phones. And so am I. My phone finally had it after I dropped it one too many times - and it sucked to begin with (it's a Razr). And I wasn't eligible for an upgrade so I had to get the cheapest phone I could afford. There is nothing intuitive about this phone - I can't figure out how to turn the text message alert volume down. And the manual DOES NOT help. And even with all that - it's still better than those damn Razrs. Stupid phones.

Fred makes me laugh.

The Joker knows my love of weird. And this is heartwarming on top of that!

Professional Skater gives birth 2 days after being declared dead.

Mrs. Soliman was only 25 weeks pregnant when she complained of a headache and collapsed in her bedroom on Wednesday. After arriving by air to a hospital in Oxford, England, she was declared brain dead and given large doses of steroids to help her unborn baby's lungs develop. Doctors then performed the emergency C-section in hopes of giving her child life.

I'm going to do something I haven't done in a while - talk about advertising.

A good friend's friend is in a Doritos commercial - he's playing the main guy in the "Power of the Crunch". And by chance the video happens to be one of the 5 finalists in their "Crash the Superbowl" competition.

I like the commercial. But I also like it because there's a monkey. You don't get much better than that. Seriously, Doritos and monkeys - name something better. You can't, can you? Exactly - now go vote for it. :)

And my friend is awesome™ - therefore his friend, Nic, must be awesome™ thus making the commercial awesome™. (Well, that and the monkey.)

Facebook page is here - if you so feel inclined to talk about Doritos and monkeys and awesome™ commercials.

UPDATE: OK, so apparently I can't let you watch the video here, because Doritos is dumb and their embedded video player won't work right. Boo. Sorry you have to go to the site to watch it - but since you do, you might as well vote for it. Click on image. :)

Happy Hump Day

*More* Mustaches

Yeah, that's awesome.™

Via YesButNoButYes.


For some reason this image sums up my mood today. Enjoy.

Via FFFFound.

Well, according to the article. Two Google searches from a desktop computer can generate the same amount of harmful carbon dioxide as boiling an electric kettle for a cup of tea, according to new research.

But so is a cup of tea, apparently.

Read the rest of the article at The Economic Times.

I NEED this

Yes. Need, not want, need. I need a mustache necklace. You all just don't understand. I must have this.


Pizza Beer!

That would be a solargraph. It "shows the path taken by the sun as it travelled across the sky above the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, UK, between 19 December 2007 and 21 June 2008 - the winter and summer solstices. It was taken in a single six-month exposure by photographer Justin Quinnell, using a pinhole camera strapped to a telephone mast."

See the other images here.

Come And Play


Via coworker, Grant.

I'm A Bad Blogger

I have no idea what's going on. I haven't even turned on the news in 2 weeks. I had stuff to share and can't remember. But I have new stuff to share and will get right on that.

In the meantime I've found out that now there really will be a Mr. and Mrs. Joker - so congratulations!

And yeah. Back to work. *sigh*

Photo via Inspire Me, Now!

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