Around The World

More gorgeous stop-animation


Biology Notes


This is brilliant. Thanks Me!

Blogger Lately

Yes, it's a video for blogger, but I LOVE kinetic type videos. And this color palette in the video.


Green Tunnel

funny pictures - My Name is Inigo Montoya

And yes, I'm sorry... I posted a lolcat.

I've shared this on FB and twitter, but it's so good I'll actually post it 3 places.


Happy Birthday!


My blog is officially 4 years old today. Time flies.

Thank you to jetpacks & fred for supporting me when I first started and for anyone who still reads it.

Thanks to CrunchGear, I have a new shop to drool over.

Vetted has super cool, minimalist-style goods.

And I'm now spending my paycheck in my head.

Baby Maker

 Another trip with my love/hate relationship with creepy dolls.


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