Pocket Post-Its

Oh I would so use these... all the time. I have too many post-its now anyways.

Well, I'd use these if they stayed put and didn't leave an icky residue.

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Just Um...

Yes, this is cool. But I just had to point out one thing.

Its long arms and a face shaped like a giant squashed bean mean it resembles the alien movie character E.T.

It doesn't look like E.T., it look likes Johnny 5.

I'm just sayin'.

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I Dunno Why...



I get several emails all day long from a friend of mine's mother. Chain letters, cutesy images, that kind of thing. Whatever is making the email rounds. I like it because I get to see what's going around and sometimes they're good for a giggle.

But this is hands-down the WEIRDEST thing I've ever gotten.

My favorite math teacher from high school passed away yesterday. He went to my church. He made math fun. And it takes a great teacher to make Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry fun.

He taught me how to fold a sweater in under 3 seconds. I wore his everyday because his room was cold.

He used to threaten to turn all the lights off and run around the room if we didn't settle down.

He'd play with people when they fell asleep.

He was a teacher that inspired other people to be teachers.

Google Searches

I believe this post to be a public service announcement. I have to use Google's image search with the search terms "feminist tattoo" and "feminist fist."

If you never have to do this, I wouldn't recommend it.

More SPAM...

Since my last unwanted text message, I've gotten two more, still coming from 362-45. One from distancevyu@remanchester.co.uk on 11/01/2007 at 10:08AM

Hey it's Abe)Watch and wait everyone dreams of getting a tip like this see SHTP

And from Major@tugaloo.com on 11/06/2007 at 6:32PM

(sup u)Hey, meet locale singles goto: (www.smsformessage.com)

And I'm paying $0.15 for these. But now, I find that I can file a complaint through the FCC.

Several people have come here googling these unwanted text messages, so hopefully this helps as well. I'm not sure what it will do, but at least I'm doing something and have an official reference number.

UPDATE: There are a TON of people getting spammed with this message - I hope you are all filing complaints. :)

I had a friend in college who had the best cow story. Her and her boyfriend (and several other people) were driving down one of the more rural roads in our area. As my friend looked over at a cow field she managed to see a baby cow take off running down a hill. However, this baby cow wasn't as sure-footed as he needed to be. He tripped, catapulted forward and rolled all the way down the hill.

Just sit with that visual for a second.

This might beat that. Except... well I hope these people have insurance... and the cow died instead of getting his ego bruised.

Couple Escapes Injury When Falling Cow Hits Minivan

Now I'd heard of the Rock Boat and then I heard about Ships & Dips... but what, now does EVERYONE get their own cruise???

Found via Make the Logo Bigger via Twitter.

Yeah, that's right, here it is. Got this on the 20th.

*If you listen, hit stop after it's finished or it'll loop. I can't figure out how to make that stop yet.

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