I Haven't Blogged In 11 Days

I have been behind the 8 ball ever since I got back from out-of-town last week. It was fun, but damn my house needs to be vacuumed.

I'm recovering from a bit of heat exhaustion and sun-burn as well. It's what happens when you're a blond airhead who forgets to drink water and wear sunscreen as she runs all over the VT campus and watches the VT/GT game on the sunny side of the stadium. My sister made me sit for most of the first quarter while I drank water and had another cold bottle on the back of my neck. She's smart. And I'm finally feeling normal.

I had fun stuff to blog about and now I've forgotten everything and lost all the links. I have been reading your blogs, I just haven't gotten the gumption to grace your blogs with my opinion. ;)

Oh, as you know, I hate dolls - so this is FREAKING CREEPY. It's freaking me out just looking at the page long enough to get the link. I watched the first 13 seconds of that video and had to turn it off.


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