Hers is over 6ft long! And really skinny. (*snicker* the quotes have that middle school humor... )

Not only is that one big zucchini, that is one HUGE zucchini vine. It looks like it's growing on a trellis overhead.

Now that's an idea. Mine were just in raised beds and started taking over the walkway. Although, I'm not sure where to put a trellis like that in my backyard.

She says in the article they usually don't get more than 4ft... does she normally grow 4ft tall zucchini??

Found via YesButNoButYes. Daily News Article here.


  1. everysandwich said...

    Wow -- somewhere in my collection from my rural newspaper days I have a pic of an old woman in just this pose. Must find!

  2. Joker said...

    Her firm grip and warm smile disturb me.

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