This is a really interesting video on Tourettes Syndrome, I love her sketches.

The Pitch

I think I'd watch it. I'm not sure that anyone outside of advertising would watch more than 2 episodes. Who knows though. I could see this as a special instead of a series.

(Via AdVerve)

Is Boris Working

I stumbled upon a fantastic political campaign on twitter today. If U.S. politics tried having even a fraction of the humor here, the next several months could be bearable. Of course, I doubt we'd do the humor as well as this site.

Play on the site and check out the campaign site.

Deadpan Magician

This kid is awesome™. He reminds me of Sheldon.

This time by Midnight Marauder. Mostly awesome Sci-fi movies.

(via – with more.)

This just makes me happy. (via)

I’d need to “via” everyone in the world. That’s how great this is and how often it's been posted.

New Guinness Ad

I love St. Patrick's Day. Hysterical ad for Guinness.


This is absolutely amazing. Illustration by CUE Art. For Faber Castell by Ogilvy and Mather Singapore.

Superhuman Dancer

This is awesome. (via)

Animal Planet Ident – Antartic from Discovery UK Creative on Vimeo.

Well, I guess I'm their target audience… and I love these. So, bravo. (via)

Very cool. Worth the 3-minute watch. (via)

This is awesome. It's a 2 minute commercial I actually want to watch. It's a testament to great writing and production. The graphics make me happy.

(via copyranter)

Fake Movie Titles

Movie Titles - "Clerks"

Fake movie title screens designed by Lorenzo Cappelli. He takes mod­ern come­dies and trans­forms them into vin­tage classics. Check out his Flickr for more.


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