But if you need to be put in the mood. I just read about a creepy story on the blog Phantoms & Monsters, the name of the post is titled The Himuro Mansion Haunting: Japanese Urban Legend or Fact? and the original post is over at a blog named Paranormala.

Here's an excerpt:

This is the basis of the “haunting” of the Himuro Mansion. Local legend has it that these souls of the murdered family wander the mansion attempting to repeat the failed ritual using whomever enters the abandoned building. Blood splashes on the walls are reportedly seen, as if they were flicked from the blade of a sword that had recently sliced through flesh. Many have reported seeing spirits and apparitions dressed completely in white, rinsing cloths and preparing the grounds for the ritual.

Reminds me of The Grudge (hence the visual). One weekend my sister and I decided for some reason to watch The Grudge and The Grudge 2 back to back. Freaked us the hell out, probably because we emmersed ourselves a little too much in the story. We also has a friend who can unhinge her jaw (yeah, I'm talking to you Mandi) and make that face. I'd tell her to be that for Halloween, but it would probably freak me out TOO much.


  1. Cassie said...

    It’s the middle of September. It’s never to early to plan our Halloween costumes.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    Well, at least you were somewhat relevant with your SPAM.

  3. Amanda said...

    I'm sending you pics of my unhinged jaw scary face :) It's Halloween time...bwah hah hah hah

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