Oh Yes.

My amusement with all things mustaches keeps going. ;)

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But true.

I'm priding myself on not knowing what two of those are. It's the little things.

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Nice & Creepy

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I remember when I worked at my last job and we never did pitches and I think I told jetpacks that I wanted to do one. To paraphrase I think he called me crazy. This week, I learned he was right.

Oh, and I think my subconscious is messing with me. My dreams were BEYOND messed up last night. A bit like the photo I posted.

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Now the protest has become productive. ;)


There are not words to describe how awesome this girl is. For some reason I have had an urge to know/learn to beatbox. After seeing this I think I'll give up on that.

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Very Cool

These are beautiful.

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Um, What?

After a full night of Fringe. This just made my brain hurt a little.

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Cat laughed. I think that's the highest form of approval.

Push play at your own risk. And there more where that came from. It's no Slowskys. Which by-the-way, they need to make more of.

Here's Your Cute

We haven't looked at seriously cute animals in a while. Here you go.

Via Pixadaus.

Damn. Proceed at your own risk. Via coworker Grant.

edit: Just discovered MTLB posted about this already, so I thought I'd give credit there too.

Oooh, Crayons!

Have to share because the effect is so damn cool. Next video is so going to be this. Although, we're going to try our hands at some more video effects today.

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