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Between this post about Double Chocolate Cookies and this story about why we eat them... I just want some cookies.

It's Friday. I can have cookies for lunch. That's totally fine.

I bet that'll make the afternoon go by great. Ha.

(Image found on the delicious site The Kitchen Sink. Not only good recipes but she takes awesome photos of what she cooks.)

Corn Field

I think I could stare at this photo ALL DAY. Makes me want a thunderstorm.

Found originally via We Heart It, but the original site with more is here.

Scare Tactics

I am looking for the new Scare Tactics commercials that are running on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Tracy Morgan is the new host and they are hysterical. If only for the Most Awesome™ look that Tracy Morgan makes at the end of the spot.

Will post when I find.


I am *ALMOST* finished editing photographs.

When I'm done they'll all be up on MySpace and Facebook. So if you're not my friend, what is wrong with you? ;) Come find me. :D

And I'll write everything up after that.

For the record. I smiled at the son-of-a-bitch before I could help myself. (Name the movie.) Really. We were walking down the street from the subway to the conference center Tuesday morning. The shoe-shine guy was sitting there (like he was the other mornings) and he was staring at me. So I looked at him and smiled. He then growled at me. This caught me and the co-worker I went with off-guard, she looked back and he then growled at her.

At lunch we passed him again as he walking down the street. He then started muttering at us that we were "chump broads." And walked off.

He was not a nice man.

Back to editing and watching The Andromeda Strain...

I am very, very, very tired.

And there is a lot of work piled up on my desk.

I am very sore. We stood and walked and carried a lot of paper samples.

But I had a wonderful time. I really didn't want to leave Boston.

I even got yelled at by a man that shined shoes.

And I have a battle-scar from a fight with one of those subway gate things.

More later. I promise.

I feel like this post should contain some sort of starburst, large type and lots of exclamations points. ;)

I think I'm over this look. I promise something new shortly. Perhaps today. Perhaps next week after I get back and catch up on my sleep.


Awwww, I just want to hug him! It's so sad.

Via AdRants


This so made me smile. :)

Via FFFFound, but it's by Christopher David Ryan, I just bought some of his prints and I love them!

Happy Wednesday

How fantastically fun. There are more here. Originally found via We Heart It.

So for those that don't know – which is all of you – I'm flying to Boston Saturday for the HOW Design Conference. I'm hoping I can leave early Friday and go ahead and drive the 3 hours to the airport.

So I need places to go in my spare time. :)

It also means posting may be sporadic until I get up there (because I'm busy) and maybe while I'm up there as the laptop I own is like from 1999.

Update: Oh, I do need glasses. I get to pick them up on Wednesday or Thursday - they're only kind square. And I got a prescription for migraine medicine... :D

Flying Men?

LONGVIEW (Wash.), April 10.—(INS)—Reports of three motorized birdmen soaring over Longview had the lower Columbia River area agog today.

Two laundry employes said they saw the human airplanes or animated comic strip characters fly over the city without the help of parachutes. In January a similar birdman, singular then, had been reported at Chehalis, Wash.

I was hoping it was a jetpack. ;) It wasn't....

Via Cryptomundo.

Via FFFFound.

to go with my glasses. ;) Click pic for site.

Via Jezebel.

We're having a thunderstorm, which I love... and a tornado watch. So in honor of that:

—Photograph by Carlos Gutierrez/UPI/Landov

Via OhGizmo and National Geographic.

I'm Sorry...

But I have to show you this.

Is that not the most RIDICULOUS thing you've ever seen? The caption won't even tell you what museum - I'm guessing because they are embarrassed that they have this on display.

You can read the article I saw it with, but it's about Neanderthals being in a completely different species... once again I feel I already knew this, so I don't know why it's news.


You know what's awesome to hear? "We really can't make a bad decision."


More Meetings!

Another logo meeting at 1 about revisions to previous logos. And this time, I mainly on my own.

Here, laugh - well, I did: Gay Bigfoot & the 7 Weirdest Mythical Creatures in the World

I have so much to tell you and no time! Later. I promise. I thought I better write something before jetpacks removes me from his blogroll. ;)

But as of now, I'm trying to figure out all these logos - but I did plant a garden. And the meeting on Friday went well.

Also, per an IM conversation with Fred - I have tired, trashy eyes. Hopefully I will get them fixed on Friday. And if I need glasses, I think I'm required to get rectangular ones... but it's only because they'll fit my face shape the best. ;)

Oh, and so I'm not leaving people out - I gotta go take a quiz. :p

(See, I'm still reading, I'm just not posting!)


On my way to NOVA this morning for a client meeting. Hopefully the drive will clear my head.

Wish me luck!! :)

The Dark Knight

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Via I Watch Stuff

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