How Ink Is Made


Sound Sculptures

Land Rugs

I'm usually all about hardwood floors — but I kind of want to carpet a whole house in this. Land Rugs by Florian Pucher.


Marcel The Shell


Kitty massage via Laughing Squid.

Found Pictures

Isn't the lighting great? via FFFFound, but more here.

Dancing Nano


Tilt-shift photography is "the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene."

You non-Luddites can fake it in Photoshop.



Cool Steps

I caught this flipping channels yesterday. TV is awesome. Or weird. No wonder our kids are screwed. This is too weird.

Too Damn Busy

I wish I was out taking pictures like this. Instead... I'm too damn busy. I might have my head above water next week.


Lady Gaga

Apparently my new Droid has a good camera. Unfortunately I didn't get time to play with it before we went to the concert. I wished I'd taken my Nikon.

The one video I snuck and more photos will be up on Facebook soon. I promise.

She puts on one awesome show. I'm still recuperating. I always despised the floor, but I think I'd even do that again...




I'm definitely not one to usually wish my life away – but damn this picture makes me want October. I think I'll be 50 and I'll be measuring my life in Octobers.

via we heart it.

Two of my favorite internet friends (whom I do like more than most of my real-life friends I have to confess) are super-talented.

Fred's got a new song out which I kept on repeat for an entire day. I highly recommend downloading it and singing along.

And Jetpacks has an awesome song... about jetpacks that I missed in April. But I've remedied that and have it stuck in my head. It's appropriate since all this weekend I wished I had a robot to clean my bathroom floor.

Mind (mine) looks likes a bit like Sylvia Plachy's. :)

More at Wired.

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