What? That's all I got. :p


Recovering from company retreat. Oh. My. God.

That is all.

You may happen upon one of the most horrific images you've ever seen.

I may not be able to sleep tonight.


Not Even an Inch

It's cold and snowy. Even though it's melting I may go and get some hot chocolate. :)

Via FFFFound.

OMG, the guy hit him so hard (and didn't stop) that the dog became embedded in the grill and hung on for dear life until the guy stopped.

Article from Ananova.

Eight Toes

I'm not posting a picture it's kinda - well - you can look if you want to.

Eight-toed Baby


I kinda went crazy this afternoon. And bought a camera.

Via Geekologie.


We're overdue. We haven't had some serious dosage of stomach-churning cuteness in a while. I apologize.

Free video chat by Ustream

Funny Coffee

I had to share this - I love the simple, off-beat humor of it. More at Brand New.

Star Snot

This was too good only to post on Twitter. Steve Chambers photographed some type of Jelly substance in Scotland, a sample has been tested and it's not a plant or animal.

My favorite explanation? Star Snot of course. :D

Read original article and other guesses at Scotland Outdoors. Via Coast to Coast AM.

Holy crap! Joker just pointed this out to me because he knows how much I love weird stuff. That's the picture of the kiteboarder a few seconds before the tail came up and whapped him in the head - he's not hurt.

Article and the Telegraph here.

The headline of the article actually says Nessie mystery turns 75, but I had to read St. Columba's biography in Early Irish and British history. If I remember correctly he banished the monster and blessed the lake - guess that didn't work. :p

While not a famous as the (fake) Surgeon's photo, this would be the first photograph of "Nessie." It was taken November 12, 1933.

And in 75 years? We've come this far.

I still seem to have my childhood wonder attached to cryptos and ghosts and the like. One of these days! Coz, hey, you never know. :)

BBC article here.

And Holgas. Via WeHeartIt.

My agency is kinda into health care marketing, therefore - I LOVE this site. It's simple, easy to use and the music doesn't bother me like music on websites usually do. I love the animation style, such a cool idea. See the website here.

Via AdRants.


What you say? Trongs.

Perfect, now I can quit looking retarded when I eat wings with a fork. :p

Via Baking Bites, Trongs website here.


Just might be one of the best pictures ever.

Via WeHeartIt.

This Is Awesome.

Salmon Are Ugly.

That is one, ugly, HUGE fish. Salmon to be more specific. It was over 4ft long and weighed 85lbs.

That's like a second grader or something.

Original article here.

I am so cold. Typing is keeping my fingers from going numb.

Fort Knox - June 1942, FSA

I'm hoping I can get home in time so that there is some light and I can take a photo of my neighborhood. The boy scouts come put flags in almost everyone's yard today and on other holidays like it. It's such a picturesque sight.


Y'all should be so proud of me. I made a little Flash intro, all by myself. Yeah, so what if it wasn't very complicated? I did it. :p

Oh, and if I NEVER hear the words "too much white space" again, I think I'll be OK.

Secondly, we hate the Glade Scented Candle commercials in my house. Only the first one is up on YouTube that I can find. Why? Because the woman is a pathological liar and her friends and family should have had an intervention years ago - I mean who lies about candles? To add to the complete horribleness which is these commercials - the latest one has a talking/moving ginger bread cookie. We throw things at the TV.

Lastly, I HEART the new Slowskys commercial where they're in a movie getting ready for it to start. It's not on YouTube yet because apparently not every one shares my love of those silly turtles.

There's another juried art show coming up and I have to figure out what to enter. Something I've done in the last 2 years and the deadline is fast approaching. Cross your fingers I figure something out.

Oh, and happy Veteran's Day. :)

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