via poppytalk.

Again, totally possible for me... if I had time and patience.

More images.

Found Pictures


Awesome Desktop

I have an obsession with desktop wallpapers. I can't have them for too long. And I even coordinate Tweetdeck's color palette to whatever I've got chosen at the moment.

So this just might be my new wallpaper. Because it is awesome™ and they're light sabers people! CMYK light sabers.

Download the BIG version.

Fitting that I have "You Shook Me All Night Long" in my head this morning. See the whole collection at fubiz.

Via Shaun. :) I can live with The Riddler if they make him cool.

Owr Rowr!

More wall art (via).

I'm leaning towards awesome, but I honestly don't know how I feel about this...

Via Gawker.

Happy Friday

Via my friend Patrick's fb page.


Via FFFFound.

House of Mystery

I'm in the mood for Halloween. October can not get here fast enough. Plus I take vacation in October. :D

Via FFFFound.

It's a little weird. But I like weird. And he's cute... and he makes cute noises.

Via AdFreak.

Brilliant shaun. :D

By artist Karen La Monte, I've cast steel before – and that was tricky. I can't imagine casting glass. Oh and say cast glass 5x fast. Go ahead.

More here.

I Wish I Was Her

Because that house looks about the right amount of creepy. And the weather fits perfectly.

via tumbler.

Paper Art

I feel like I'd need to take a vow of silence to do this. The patience required must be astronomical. And patience and I aren't really good friends... I think she thinks I'm a bitch.

Anyhoo... more here.

But I won a toy from an online dirty santa – so I'm going to keep trying. :) Although I wish it would quit telling me I'm unlucky – I'd like to yell "no shit" at it.

Via Carb Free Creativity. The Scott Pilgrim site is pretty cool too.

These are awesome. I don't know how I feel about being attacked by my red wine, even if that's what usually happens. ;)

Via AdPulp (with one more).

Cool sci-fi landscapes on Earth – I think this one is going to be my new desktop. More here.

Makes me wish I was going back to school.

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

I got most of them... well some of them.

Found via my new favorite blog, which I think I found on twitter...

I Will Blog...

As soon as someone puts the commercial I'm looking for on youtube.


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