Shapeshifter? Werewolf? Elf?

If you were a little wary of online dating because you thought the people joining had to be "different", you haven't seen nothing yet.

Enter OtherKinDating.

All the shapeshifters, aliens, werewolves and elves that don't feel loved now have a place to go.

They also suggest taking your OtherKinDates to Renaissance Festivals. Put that on the list of reasons I have not to go to one of those.

Found via Hecklerspray.


  1. Nessa said...

    Chicken. In fact, I'll bet you're REALLY an otherkin yourself. WereChicken!

  2. everysandwich said...

    Seems like a high percentage who aren't too picky about what sex partner they're looking for. Maybe they figure that improves the odds.

  3. Joker said...

    Word to the wise....though vampires are guaranteed to suck, not all swallow.

  4. Moda di Magno said...

    Made my day. OMFG.

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