This is the first thing that has truly convinced me that an iPhone may be worth having – behold 'stachetastic.

Article at The Sun. :p

Spy Cameras

That might be the best designed spy camera ever.

Via The Rag and Bone Blog. (More pictures there)

I believe I need to help the failing economy by buying these. :)

Via Inspire me, now! - buy them at Solutions.

SexyBack vs. Legend of Zelda Theme on Two Tesla Coils from Trammell on Vimeo.

Legend of Zelda theme played by Tesla Coils. Because a Tuesday needs Tesla Coils.

Via MentalFloss

I Made This

My first attempt at stop-motion animation a couple of weeks ago. It's ridiculous, so just laugh and have a nice Wednesday. :)

Vintage Beer

That's a cool beer can. More here.

I found this just in time for Easter. I've never actually EATEN a Peep. Who knows, this may be a year for firsts. (Click here for blog.)


I want this in my office. Current bid is only $400.00. :)

Oh Dear...

I'm starting to believe that humility is too important a value to me to be in advertising. Although, quitting and applying to teach English in another country kind of scares me a little.

Will report back soon.

via Grant. :)

We're facing lay-offs and pay reductions. And we have 3 weeks to fret about it. It was an awesome Monday, so these images made my Tuesday and I thought I'd share. Enjoy it. :)

They make me want to get off my lazy ass and use my awesome new camera.

Via Bad Banana Blog - more pictures at The Kingston Lounge.

Post-It People

This is awesome. And even more awesome because I've tried my hand at stop-motion here recently and I can appreciate the effort.

Via BrandFlakesForBreakfast

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