Or Happy Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday or Carnival or Fasnacht.

History of Pancake Day courtesy of the BBC.


Weirdest part about this story is that the author saw the opportunity to reference the 70's show "Man from Atlantis" with Patrick Duffy and there's even a photo.

The Sun article here.

I think a framed piece of that tree would be awesome to have.

Original link here.


Via Grant.

12PM Just Need to Know If It's Really Gonna Hit My Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie
Caller: I need to speak to your meteorologist now.
Producer: Sorry, she's gone to dinner.
Caller: But I really need to know about the moon. Will she be saying anything about the moon tonight during the news?
Producer: What are you, a werewolf?

News Station
Jackson, Mississippi
via Overheard in the Office, Feb 12, 2009

Happy Friday...

If you don't feel like you look at Illustrator or Photoshop too much as it is, then these magnets are pretty damn cool. I think the entire kit is a little pricey, but you can purchase just the magnets and that's a little more doable, IMHO.

Check it out at meninos, via Engadget.

That would also be the longest title ever. And probably most unimaginative so far for me. And I don't pay a lot of attention to my titles. I know, no wonder no one reads the posts. :p

1PM Internet: I'm So Lonely-- Nobody Ever Calls
Supervisor on speakerphone: Hold on a sec, I've got another call. Hello, this is Mark*.
Caller: Yes, am I in the right place?
Supervisor: I don't know, who were you trying to reach?
Caller: Is this the number for the internet?
Supervisor: No, I'm sorry, this is a state agency.
Caller: This isn't the internet?
Supervisor: Nope, sorry.
Caller: Oh, darn, okay bye.
Supervisor (back to the other line): Well, that was a first.

Newington, Connecticut

Overheard by: but please give it my regards. I'm a huge fan.

via Overheard in the Office, Feb 11, 2009


Nothing to report. The TV broke, we need a new one. Suggestions?

Also, creepy death masks.

Yes, that is made entirely out of nails, so see the process.

Christain Bale Vs. Bill O'Reilly - Watch more Funny Videos

Grant keeps me occupied. Words are bleeped but you might want to put your earbuds in.

207 BC: Chrysippus, a Greek stoic philosopher, is believed to have died of laughter after watching his drunk donkey attempt to eat figs.

Via the Wiki List of Unusual Deaths. Have fun.

Now that's a phone booth that I'd try to find a $1 in change and cover in hand sanitizer to use.

Via Inspire me, now!


It's almost Thursday.

Via Inspire me, now!

Ha ha.

These are dog tags are engraved with several methods of locating Earth in our galaxy... you know just in case you need that.

I think $12.99 + $2.75 (S&H) is quite reasonable for your safe return should you in fact be abducted by aliens.

Via coworker Grant – who gets a link when he starts blogging. :)

Some language NSFW, but hysterical.

Yay! It Won!

Well, they ended up showing the top two Doritos spots and "Power of the Crunch" was one of the ones shown. YAY! Congrats to my friend's friend.

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