So I finally got with the times and started using a RSS reader... I'm procrastinating efficiently now. :)

Doctors said the woman should not complain as the best way to tighten the skin and remove the wrinkles was to make her breasts bigger.

Save Polaroid

Save Polaroid

On February 8, 2008, Polaroid Corporation announced that it will discontinue production of all instant film. This site will document the aftermath of this announcement and will serve as a home-base for the effort to convince another company to begin producing the cherished technology that Polaroid has so carelessly abandoned.

This site is not about saving Polaroid, the company, rather the remarkable invention of Edwin Land, the instant film that made Polaroid a household name.

What We’ve Done So Far
Since this announcement, we’ve been assembling articles, links, stories and planning out the best way to create a joint effort to save instant film. We’ve contacted Polaroid, Fuji and Ilford about licensing. We have more in the works and will update this site regularly.


But I think it's creepy and I would get rid of cable. Save me money.

Comcast is experimenting with camera technology. More specifically, it trying out technology that turns cable boxes into camera-equipped devices that would utilize body-form-recognition as a means to provide custom-tailored service, and, of course, custom tailored advertising. The boxes would be able to tell who is in the room based on the shape of their body, thus tailoring programming to fit their specific desires and security settings (when children are involved). Facial recognition is not in the works as of yet.

Comcast Wants to Put Cameras in Your Home.

A New York auction house is selling a primitive photograph that could be a much earlier work than originally believed. If so, it says, it would be one of the most important discoveries in the history of photography.



Click for article about cameras being attached to elephants.

Tapeworm Diet

That's just amazingly gross.... and I will gladly go away like he said to.

(Found because of a link on Cracked)


And Calling President Washington "G-Money" Is Just Wrong

American history professor: Whoever is writing 'vah-jay-jay' instead of 'Virginia' in the notes they are submitting, please stop.

via Overheard Everywhere

Regrowing Limbs: Can People Regenerate Body Parts? Progress on the road to regenerating major body parts, salamander-style, could transform the treatment of amputations and major wounds...

You know, my the man that taught me art when I was younger was a Cherokee medicine man - if I'm not mistaken (or mixing up my stories) he regrew his little finger.

Also, a good family friend - his grandmother put his uncle's finger back on. Apparently he lost it in some sort of farm accident. They brought him and his finger to her and she reconnected it by saying a bible verse. I'm just saying.... The family is from deep Appalachia - his stories are sort of mind-blowing.

Urban Camoflauge

How cool... you can look at more on both those sites.

Desiree Palmen

Via Rag and Bone

Shroud of Turin Debate Rekindled

Skeptics have attempted to reproduce the image by various means. Advanced analysis showed that the image had three-dimensional qualities, which many feel has eliminated the idea that it is a clever painting. The forgery theory most often cited comes from a 2005 experiment by a French magazine, which said it reproduced the image by laying a wet strip of linen on a bas-relief and daubing at it with a red, ferric oxide pigment mixed with gelatin. The image produced was three-dimensional and permanently fixed in the fabric.

But other questions remain. One scientist who examined evidence collected during the 1978 examination reported that he found grains of pollen on the shroud that could only have come from the Middle East. A DNA test was conducted in 1995 on a sample of the pigment.

“That was not an authorized test, but it was done from an actual sample of the shroud’s blood,” Schwortz told Lauer. “They determined that it was very degraded, but they were able to determine that it was male and human. Whether or not newer types of DNA analysis could tell us more really would depend on the Turin authorities giving permission for this type of testing to be done.”

After viewing the new Snapple commercial for Vitamin Water where the whole world is wrapped in bubble wrap:

"That's dumb."

"Bubble wrap will not save you from an 80-floor fall."

"That's dumb."


This was pointed out to me when I posted that M&Ms commercial by Joshua Shaner.

OMG - weird... and ridiculous.

To get that out of your head, I give you something actually funny dealing with Hot Pockets.

All I see is Cheetos commercials now. Perhaps it's because I'm trying to be good and eat right while I'm trying to train for a 5K - even though I totally killed way too many pieces of pizza last night.

But anyways - these don't make me gag. But - YOU ARE SO WASTING VALUABLE CHEETOS. I don't even like to share when I know someone else will be enjoying them as well.

But the Cheetos in the dryer is deliciously evil. I'm so glad I don't have to go to the laundry mat anymore.

Even though everyone probably celebrated over the weekend (if you're going to celebrate it) - here are some drinking rules from last year and Russell Crowe singing Molly Malone with Great Big Sea and Carbon Leaf at Saturday's ShamrockFest in D.C.



*Knocks on Wood"

Totally won a free lunch today because I knew an answer to a trivia question.

Irish Saint Brendan the Voyager was supposed to have discovered the Americas a thousand years before Columbus.

So having to read The Voyage of St. Brendan in college won me a free lunch. The only other thing I really remember on cue from that class is about Irish heroes and how they calculate Easter.

Kinda awesome.

It's also my boss's birthday on Monday (what a kick-ass birthday) and I'm trying to figure out something to get him.

More later...

I got a raise today and a good 6 month review.

Also: I bought "Supernatural Superserious" from R.E.M.'s new album on iTunes yesterday – I hearts it.

I nearly had a panic attack and passed out yesterday.

I'll update more later since now I'm retouching some photos from that shoot, but let's just say - I'm not terrified (necessarily) of heights just the steps that are so steep they're like ladders. Yeah, I HATE those. I have dreams of being stuck on floors and ledges where those are the only way down (and of course some steps are missing).

Anyways. Oh hell, I'll just tell you now. So I was taking shots of a new factory that was being opened and I noticed there was a platform about 2-stories up where I could get a great shot of the entire factory. First off I didn't think they'd allow me up there and then I noticed the stairs which were almost vertical, so I decided against it.

About 3 minutes later one of the managers of the factory came over (he must've seen me looking at the platform) and told me I could get some great shots of the factory up there.

And that's when I don't know what the in the world possessed me - but I decided that I'd go up there. So about half-way up I realize I'm getting REALLY high, but I was actually too scared to turn around and I didn't want to look dumb by only going half-way up.

So I took some great shots, I was a little shaky but okay. Then I realized that I had to get down. And that's when I had a panic attack. I had to go back down that ladder.

It took me about 5 minutes to get down the ladder because I was so shaky and I was terrified of falling backwards.

So I get down and then, the guy looks at me and says - there's an easier platform at the back but I wanted to see if you'd go up there.

If I hadn't be so wobbly and light-headed I might have hit him. Because that's when I look back and see a smaller but same height platform that has 2 levels of wrap-around (and less steep) steps that I didn't even notice before.

Good news is that I didn't pass out, because not only do I have no idea how they would've gotten me down, but I most certainly would've ruined the ribbon-cutting and made the nightly news.

If you didn't know that I was a bit of a hypochondriac or maybe with this I would be paranoid - either way, now you do.

I have sufficiently freaked myself the hell out this morning: 4.1 Million American's Drinking Water Contaminated. The comments are making me feel mildly better....

Another thing: funniest comment so far though is from youbastid

Now I can get my drugs in more places, like Losangebostonyorkicago.


I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time.

It's too dark. And it will only confuse the birds for a little while.


The photo shoot went well. More later.


I learned that Fed-Ex drivers need their own lane. This would be in addition to a lane for just truckers.


The 5K training is going "meh." If any of you are runners/walkers and can tell me why my right knee is now popping and hurting at the back of my knee, I'd appreciate it. Oh, and also the side of my knee seems to be swollen. This is in fact, not the knee of the knee cap I broke, but the other one.


Interestingly enough - this blog turned 1 year-old over the weekend. Thank you, Jetpacks :)

I really never thought I'd have people who check my blog daily, so thanks. :)

[Image from Pink Cake Box's Flickr Stream - I wish I could make cakes that looked like that.]

I was going to write about my day (the drive up here was awesome) - but I am officially on the slowest laptop in the world. It's mine. I keep meaning to update and fix it and then don't and then end up in some hotel room very far away cursing myself for not doing it.

I can't get through a sentence without it giving me the beachball. Anyways. Smile, the week's half over. :)


Getting ready to leave on a photo shoot. YAY!

Write later. :)


I'm not crazy busy - but I have nothing to post about.

I've agreed to train with a neighbor of mine for a 5K. We'll see how it goes. I power-walked the 4 miles with her that we'll be training on yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm secretly glad I'll be out of town on a photo shoot Wed – Friday. Even though I will try not to be a slacker and I'll see if the hotel has a gym.

The ADDYs were Saturday. We did well. I even had a name on the credits of two of them. Which was kinda cool. I ran into my old boss and she gave me a very big hug. It wasn't as awkward as I would've imagined it would be. So yay for that.

I'm going to go find something to do.

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