I'd kiss the man that created this. I laughed for 5 minutes straight at it.

(Love is Lame)

Dear God Why?

I'm warning you – you can't unsee this.

Watch This.

Say that 5x fast.

See more at Gizmodo.

Very Cool

We've seen this. Many times. I think we've all posted it. But I just gave it to every AE, I even offered to frame it for them.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, shame on you. Seriously. It's awesome.
So if you haven't seen it, below is one of the reasons you should. And if you have, it'll make you want to see it again.
There's a great article over on io9 about the making of the movie's title sequence. Tim Miller from Blur talks about the inspiration for them.


I've had a nook for over a year and I only have 3 books on it. Yeah, it's nice and not so heavy when the book you want to read is 1000+ pages – but there's something about actually having a book in your hand. Also, real books don't need batteries when the zombies come.

(via Mentorless)

This Is Great

A little inspiration for a Tuesday. (And we all know how rough Tuesdays are.)

Leo Burnett "When to take my name off the door" from Lobo on Vimeo.


Shutter Ísland

Shutter Ísland from Team Nine on Vimeo.

Absolutely gorgeous. By Team Nine. Found via Inspired by Iceland.

From Animal, via RGA.

When I was little you only learned about like 5 dinosaurs. At least that's all I ever remembered at 6 years old. Nowadays – 6 year olds are smarter than me.

(via Adverve)


I don't know what the blog says, but I think they're fireflies… see more there.

CClone 365

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