I saw Mr. Las Vegas. He's from my hometown.



When I get home my new, shiny iMac will be waiting for me. :)

Wall Animation

My mother just called me to tell me that there was a man in a ski mask and a shot gun walking through my neighborhood the other day and they haven't caught him yet.

I guess I've now got bigger things to look out for during my 6:00am walk than the neighbor's dog not being on a leash.

I Heart Apple

Yes, I work on one and it makes my life easier... and I love all the cool gadgets, but that is not why I love Apple today.

Flashback to 3 weeks ago and I had to give my shiny Powerbook back to my previous employer. I have an old Powerbook G3 with a 4GB hard drive and it hates me. I can't do anything on it without it crashing. I've always meant to fix it up but never have (one day I will).

Anyhoozle, so I went to buy a new computer. I found a refurbished iMac for a decent price and ordered it... that was on August 30th. And as I watch my order status the shipment dates for my mac keep getting pushed back. Finally on the 15th I get an email telling me that "due to an unexpected delay" my mac will not ship and it will now ship between the 19th and 20th.

The 19th came and went. No update on my order status. I checked all day yesterday... no change.

By this time, my sister (who is as equally as frustrated with the old powerbook) is trying to get me to call apple and get answers. I told her I was going to wait, they'd fix it.

Last night I got an email. I saw it an my heart sank. I figured my shipment had been pushed back again and I would really have to call. And I loathe calling customer service. Actually, I pretty much don't like talking on the phone at all (I worked 2 years in a call center for a bank and that's my excuse).

So I open up the email. They do not have the inventory to send me my refurbished iMac. Total WTF? moment. What am I going to do, I need that computer to work at home.

But I keep reading. They have canceled my refurbished iMac and are instead sending me a new* one for the same price. Yeah, that's right, and they're now shipping it overnight (for free). It is being prepared for shipment as we speak and I'll probably get it on Monday.

And that... is why I heart Apple.

*I'm not sure how "new" it is as it's a 17" and the new-new iMacs come in 20" and 24." Either way it's "newer" than the refurbished one.

**This experience is in stark contrast to Fred's problems over at the porch.

Weird One-Liners

Listening to the radio this morning I heard a commercial for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. They were using testimonials and this was one womans:

I don't drink coffee in the morning, I drink Ellen.

I can't make this stuff up.

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