Alien lighting - Büro für Form

I love these. next also has other cool lights, none of which I think I can order in the US. :(

Two Winged Cats?

Now this explains the sudden surge in people. And they were all coming to my post on that other winged cat, mostly because the image from that post is the first one in the Google search results. Well, go me. :p

Now there's another one. Apparently he's too stressed out because he's a big ladies man. Poor guy.

Article at FOXNews.

X-Ray Vision

I'm finding a lot of this X-Ray photography lately. I like a lot. :) There's an article on Nick Veasey over at Wired.

Joker's 20 on 20

I'm not sure how I made it to an illustrious list that includes Make the Logo Bigger and Where's My Jetpack (and the Texan)... but there I am.

This time Joker asked me 20 questions.

And my blog being compared to Ripley's Believe It or Not! is awesome.

Mysterious Skulls

The Horned Skull:

During an archaeological dig in Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in the 1880s, a number of human skulls were unearthed. These skeletons were anatomically correct, except for the anomaly of their projections, two inches above the eyebrow, and the fact that their average height in life would have been around seven feet tall. The bones were sent to the American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia, where they were stolen - never to be seen again.

New post at CultCase about 5 mysterious skulls, very cool.

We have a cat with 4 ears, named Yoda. Maybe he can get with the cat with wings.

Article at The Daily Mail.


Via Pixdaus.


Why is she upset about this? I think it would be awesome, at least she doesn't turn everything to skittles.

Is that Ben Folds in the commercial???


Tired. Migraine. Later.

Phelps Wins!

I had a migraine last night so I didn't get to watch any of the Olympics. *pouts* And I obviously I missed Michael Phelps winning the ENTIRE Olympic games *winkwink*

Via Design You Trust.

Very cool.

From the About section on the BBC - Britain From Above site:

Britain looks very different from the skies. From a bird's eye view of the nation, its workings, cities, landscapes and peoples are revealed and re-discovered in new and extraordinary ways.

Cutting edge technology allows you to see through cloud cover, navigate the landscape and witness familiar sights as never seen before.

Via YesButNoButYes.

God's Copy/Paste

Oh, I'm making me and my sister some! Damn skippy. LOL.

Via Pixdaus.

Oh, Here Goes...

If you haven't heard - they've apparently found a "bigfoot" body in Georgia. There've been blog posts about it for a while, but it didn't really get people's attention until they released photos yesterday/late last nightish. And it's either real or one of the most elaborate hoaxes ever.

UPDATE: Nevermind, move along. See, that's what happens if I post something before I get to read the new stuff - probably fake.

Also, on a related note: as usual some people think this is just a marketing stunt for a movie. Which brings me to an annoyance of mine. Do the people behind dumb, fake stunts kinda like this could be not realize that slowly people will not fall for any of their publicity stunts? "Faking" things isn't a good way to go "viral." Seems more like the boy-that-cried-wolf to me. Why not make it genuinely interesting and cool, oh and relevant instead of making the people that forwarded it feel like idiots? Besides the pay-off on these things is always a let-down. Ooh, cool faceless people = car site. Let down.

People don't believe advertising anyways. Most commercial breaks my sister is turning and looking at me going, "Really?? That's stupid!" Dumb stunts and fake personas and sites isn't going to help in the long run.

I'm feeling cynical today. It's days like today that I think I should go back and finish my teaching degree so I can make sure kids don't fall for this kind of stupidity.

UPDATE 2: One of these guys was on Fox News this morning. *rolls eyes*

[Image via FFFFound, via Chris Judge Illustration.]

Every 4 years I become incapable of doing anything else but watching the Olympics. I had a child-hood fantasy of being an Olympic swimmer.

I also wanted to do gymnastics but I gave up after the uneven bars in elementary school. That shit is HARD. :p Doesn't help that I can't even do a pull-up now.

I can usually ignore the announcers, I'm used to them. But I'd like to smack the woman who is the "side-line reporter" interviewing the swimmers after their matches. She asks the dumbest questions. Sorry. She was interviewing Natalie Coughlin the night before last about her drifting and insinuating how big of a problem it was going to be for her. Yeah, well she showed you, didn't she?

Also - I LOVE all the VISA Olympic commercials. You can't get a better combination of the Olympics and Morgan Freeman.

Oh, looks like the Equestrian events are on online. Later.

Oh, funny t-shirt.

Via Threadless.


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We haven't had cute pics in a while. Here's some.

[Pittsburgh Zoo, August 5. Image via AP.]

This is GORGEOUS! And so not fair... is this place for real??

Via Inspire me, now!

Ice Men

What? You didn't think I'd be all over this? :p

So much better than a half decayed raccoon.

I finally started to see it. It's sideways and like looking back at the camera. Took me awhile though, I first thought it was a duck. ;)

Via Cryptomundo.

UPS & Coconut Oil

My sister is having a time with a package at UPS. Last week, on the 29th at 10:29pm to be exact, our tracking number shows that her package arrived and was scanned.

She called on Saturday. No she could not pick it up, no they don't know why she didn't get it on Wednesday and that it was scheduled to be loaded onto the truck Sunday night and she would be getting it on Monday. And no, they didn't know why it was taking this long.

Monday came and went and she called customer service again. They don't know where the package is. My sister tells them it's in the warehouse here and it was supposed to be loaded on Sunday night. The customer service rep said they didn't know where the package was and she'd need to call the company so that they could trace it. Which of course frustrates my sister to no end because she was told and saw on their website where it arrived and has apparently been sitting there for a week.

Now she's called the company (Wilderness Family Naturals) that she ordered the coconut oil from. This place has what looks like only 3 customer service reps, I know this because they're extensions are all listed. You'd think a smaller company would be able to give better customer service. Not really, but we'll see. The rep just told her it was here and she'd *try* to see if there was somebody she could call who could call UPS.

I think we just need to go over there and make someone search their little warehouse until we have it. We'll see if the company she ordered it from tries to help at all as I doubt UPS will magically become competent and find the package.


I'm working on fixing my work email. It's all funky. And it's taking waaaay to long.


I haven't got much else to report. Happy Tuesday.) :

Look, two of my favorite things together. :p

I'm not posting a photograph - that thing is nasty. If you want to see the original one and a brand new one that came out today-ish - go to Cryptomundo.

I'm not saying the Montauk Monster is one - it may be just a really gross, bloated raccoon/dog/cat/badger with it's nose half gone. I know pleasant Friday image.

Anyways, Venom Energy drink is now offering a lifetime supply of the energy drink to someone who catches one of the monsters alive.

Dedicated to enabling the most thrill-seeking conquests known to man or beast, Venom energy drink is offering free product for life and a corporate monster-hunting sponsorship to the first person badass enough to capture a live Montauk Monster. Was it a de-shelled turtle? A chupacabra? A manticore? No one knows for sure, and the mystery of the grotesque sea-beast that washed ashore yesterday morning in Montauk, N.Y. remains a mystery. While vacationing Hamptonites recoiled with fright and the Internet exploded with speculation, the team behind Venom mobilized for action, realizing that this was the chance for true adventure that its thrill-seeking customers have been waiting for.

As a consultant to this quest, Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum and Cryptomundo blogger ( said, "I would advise Montauk Monster hunters to use great caution getting close to this cryptid, and to wear thick gloves."

Apparently Fernando Rizo of the PR firm behind the promotion is a Cryptomundo fan and reader. Kinda cool. I wonder what they'll do if the thing turns out to be a real animal and not a half-mutant-type thing.

Cryptomundo: Bounty for Montauk Monster

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