Oh, Here Goes...

If you haven't heard - they've apparently found a "bigfoot" body in Georgia. There've been blog posts about it for a while, but it didn't really get people's attention until they released photos yesterday/late last nightish. And it's either real or one of the most elaborate hoaxes ever.

UPDATE: Nevermind, move along. See, that's what happens if I post something before I get to read the new stuff - probably fake.

Also, on a related note: as usual some people think this is just a marketing stunt for a movie. Which brings me to an annoyance of mine. Do the people behind dumb, fake stunts kinda like this could be not realize that slowly people will not fall for any of their publicity stunts? "Faking" things isn't a good way to go "viral." Seems more like the boy-that-cried-wolf to me. Why not make it genuinely interesting and cool, oh and relevant instead of making the people that forwarded it feel like idiots? Besides the pay-off on these things is always a let-down. Ooh, cool faceless people = car site. Let down.

People don't believe advertising anyways. Most commercial breaks my sister is turning and looking at me going, "Really?? That's stupid!" Dumb stunts and fake personas and sites isn't going to help in the long run.

I'm feeling cynical today. It's days like today that I think I should go back and finish my teaching degree so I can make sure kids don't fall for this kind of stupidity.

UPDATE 2: One of these guys was on Fox News this morning. *rolls eyes*

[Image via FFFFound, via Chris Judge Illustration.]


  1. Joker said...

    Recent reports report that reports have recently been reported about reported reports.


    BTW, that whole Big foot thing was friggin awesome

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