Every 4 years I become incapable of doing anything else but watching the Olympics. I had a child-hood fantasy of being an Olympic swimmer.

I also wanted to do gymnastics but I gave up after the uneven bars in elementary school. That shit is HARD. :p Doesn't help that I can't even do a pull-up now.

I can usually ignore the announcers, I'm used to them. But I'd like to smack the woman who is the "side-line reporter" interviewing the swimmers after their matches. She asks the dumbest questions. Sorry. She was interviewing Natalie Coughlin the night before last about her drifting and insinuating how big of a problem it was going to be for her. Yeah, well she showed you, didn't she?

Also - I LOVE all the VISA Olympic commercials. You can't get a better combination of the Olympics and Morgan Freeman.

Oh, looks like the Equestrian events are on online. Later.

Oh, funny t-shirt.

Via Threadless.


  1. shaun. said...

    i knew it was morgan freeman.

    thank u for confirming.

    and i too am addicted to the olympics. about to get me fix right now infact. female gymnastics. A little phelps. And beach volley ball.

    no worries...i had to give up my olympic tennis dreams at a young age aswell.

  2. Joker said...

    I don't need the right light. I know Michael Phels is a mutant capable of exploring the depths of the ocean or crossing seas at will.

    btw, LOVED the shirt.

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