UPS & Coconut Oil

My sister is having a time with a package at UPS. Last week, on the 29th at 10:29pm to be exact, our tracking number shows that her package arrived and was scanned.

She called on Saturday. No she could not pick it up, no they don't know why she didn't get it on Wednesday and that it was scheduled to be loaded onto the truck Sunday night and she would be getting it on Monday. And no, they didn't know why it was taking this long.

Monday came and went and she called customer service again. They don't know where the package is. My sister tells them it's in the warehouse here and it was supposed to be loaded on Sunday night. The customer service rep said they didn't know where the package was and she'd need to call the company so that they could trace it. Which of course frustrates my sister to no end because she was told and saw on their website where it arrived and has apparently been sitting there for a week.

Now she's called the company (Wilderness Family Naturals) that she ordered the coconut oil from. This place has what looks like only 3 customer service reps, I know this because they're extensions are all listed. You'd think a smaller company would be able to give better customer service. Not really, but we'll see. The rep just told her it was here and she'd *try* to see if there was somebody she could call who could call UPS.

I think we just need to go over there and make someone search their little warehouse until we have it. We'll see if the company she ordered it from tries to help at all as I doubt UPS will magically become competent and find the package.


I'm working on fixing my work email. It's all funky. And it's taking waaaay to long.


I haven't got much else to report. Happy Tuesday.) :


  1. Joker said...

    Bureaucracy shall forever be the work of the Devil of sloth. I hate lazy workers and I hate shitty service... had a wonderful time yesterday at a restaurant thanks to rude people, enforced tips and the magical experience of a language barrier.

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