I Think I Need This T-shirt


  1. Joker said...

    that'ssuchagreattshirtbutithinkpeopleshouldalsoremembertousethespacebarfromtimetotimeiactuallygotanemaillikethistookmeawhilebutwa sabletoeventuallyreadit.


  2. Joker said...

    by the way, if you double click on the message, copy paste it and put the spaces and caps in the right place it says:

    that's such a great t-shirt but I think people should also remember to use the spacebar from time to time I actually got an email like this. Took me a while but was able to eventually read it.


  3. shaun. said...

    i need this framed and gift wrapped for a few good friends and colleagues alike.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I love this. If after the first day they're still yelling, the next day wear "I said, Stop Yelling at me. If they persist, the next day it's "Stop YELLING AT ME! SEE WHAT YOU DID? YOU MADE ME YELL! DAMN YOU!"

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