Advertising & Cryptids

Look, two of my favorite things together. :p

I'm not posting a photograph - that thing is nasty. If you want to see the original one and a brand new one that came out today-ish - go to Cryptomundo.

I'm not saying the Montauk Monster is one - it may be just a really gross, bloated raccoon/dog/cat/badger with it's nose half gone. I know pleasant Friday image.

Anyways, Venom Energy drink is now offering a lifetime supply of the energy drink to someone who catches one of the monsters alive.

Dedicated to enabling the most thrill-seeking conquests known to man or beast, Venom energy drink is offering free product for life and a corporate monster-hunting sponsorship to the first person badass enough to capture a live Montauk Monster. Was it a de-shelled turtle? A chupacabra? A manticore? No one knows for sure, and the mystery of the grotesque sea-beast that washed ashore yesterday morning in Montauk, N.Y. remains a mystery. While vacationing Hamptonites recoiled with fright and the Internet exploded with speculation, the team behind Venom mobilized for action, realizing that this was the chance for true adventure that its thrill-seeking customers have been waiting for.

As a consultant to this quest, Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum and Cryptomundo blogger ( said, "I would advise Montauk Monster hunters to use great caution getting close to this cryptid, and to wear thick gloves."

Apparently Fernando Rizo of the PR firm behind the promotion is a Cryptomundo fan and reader. Kinda cool. I wonder what they'll do if the thing turns out to be a real animal and not a half-mutant-type thing.

Cryptomundo: Bounty for Montauk Monster


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