Mysterious Skulls

The Horned Skull:

During an archaeological dig in Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in the 1880s, a number of human skulls were unearthed. These skeletons were anatomically correct, except for the anomaly of their projections, two inches above the eyebrow, and the fact that their average height in life would have been around seven feet tall. The bones were sent to the American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia, where they were stolen - never to be seen again.

New post at CultCase about 5 mysterious skulls, very cool.


  1. Jetpacks said...

    Can you say Nephalim? I've got theories.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    Oh, yes I can. :p

    I'd be interested in your theories on giants. ;)

  3. Cat said...

    What the heck is that? That doesn't look like a head of a seven foot tall person.

  4. Joker said...

    @ jet: Could also be grigori... lets share theories.

    @ cat: imagine a label like a rear view mirror. Object photographed is largely than it appears.

  5. Thinking In Vain said...

    LOL, my sister doesn't necessarily share my love for the weird. :p

    Let's all share theories. ;)

  6. Anonymous said...

    I think I recognize the structure from the inhabitants of the New York office of the monolith where I once toiled.

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