If you don't read Why Advertising Sucks - but I think most of you do. (I'm giving some link love today because I've been seriously lacking in my posting lately.)

Joker has a music post up. I'm very proud of myself for owning some of those albums already, but I've got some shopping to do. :)

I'm also going to give a shout-out to my other two favorite bloggers Jetpacks and Fred.

Jetpacks is jealous of those of you with smart phones. And so am I. My phone finally had it after I dropped it one too many times - and it sucked to begin with (it's a Razr). And I wasn't eligible for an upgrade so I had to get the cheapest phone I could afford. There is nothing intuitive about this phone - I can't figure out how to turn the text message alert volume down. And the manual DOES NOT help. And even with all that - it's still better than those damn Razrs. Stupid phones.

Fred makes me laugh.


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