Zucchini and BluBlu

It's shaping up to be a busy one here this week. Which is great. I still have 6 VERY productive zucchini plants. Last night it was grilled zucchini (YUM!™) and more chocolate zucchini muffins - these were the best batch yet. Tonight, it's stuffed zucchini and fried zucchini.

Unfortunately for us, the birds get the tomatoes before we do. I've decided it's the fat cardinal. He takes my tomatoes AND wakes me up at 5:00am.

I also found another video by the same group/guy that did the wall animation. They've got several on Vimeo if you want to check them out.

Letter A from blu on Vimeo.

. Also, their blog shows stills of how they do it.

Also, Joker has a series of great haikus - some of which make liquids go up my nose. :)


  1. everysandwich said...

    Wow -- that's impressive and nightmarish.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    I know, the zucchini is getting a little ridiculous.


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