Origami Necklaces

It's made from one sheet of metal and folded like actual origami. Company is ORIGAMI BIJOU (careful, that website resizes your browser window huge - which is VERY annoying).

Via Design You Trust.


  1. Joker said...

    Sounds like a great concept and a very different gift.

    Wait a minute, a comment without a curse word? Shit... oh there it is. Phew... I was worried there for a sec. ;')

  2. czeltic girl said...

    Those are lovely. Wish I had a disposable $100+ to spend on one.

  3. Thinking In Vain said...

    @joker - You had me worried as well. ;)

    @czeltic girl - Yeah, I was a little bummed at the price - completely worth it but out of my league. I've been meaning to purchase one of those typewriter key necklaces you posted about for forever too.

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