I'd never seen this. Maybe because this is the kind of commercial that gets shown on channels I don't watch ala ESPN.

ESPN has cooler commercials than the History Channel.

The first time I saw this commercial was in the theater last Saturday. Apparently no one else had seen it either. It came on, the whole theater got quiet and then when the first guy jumps into the "pool" the whole theater went "Ooooh." And that's not an exaggeration.

So Cool...

[Image: Biblical scenes as seen via Google Earth; by The Glue Society]

Found via BLGGBLOG, via The Creative Review

Don't Make Me Come Down There and Rescue You
Police helicopter hovering with spotlight on suspect, over loudspeaker:

Stop running. You can't get away. Just give yourself up. Stop running... No, don't go in the water. You won't make it across. No, don't-- Yeah, it's fucking cold, isn't it, dumbass? Just get out of the water!
American River Parkway
Sacramento, California

Overheard by: Ree

via Overheard Everywhere, Dec 17, 2007

Gmail News Feed

I read that as Antichrist and I was *really* confused.

Head of the local council Etelka Repas said: "It is crazy - I would have thought it was impossible to steal an entire beach. It was cleaned up and covered for the winter and then suddenly this week we saw that it had totally disappeared - beach and all."

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An elderly Hindu priest who claimed his right leg had magical powers was attacked by thieves who chopped it off... Meanwhile Kondaiah, who was discovered in a drugged state with his leg missing, is said to be recovering in hospital, although he is far from happy about what happened to him.

Read the rest of the article.

Since Every Sandwich aka Fred is always scaring me into wanting a bunker in the middle of nowhere with defensible high ground, I thought he'd get a kick out of this Christmas list.

Check out number 5 and number 8, DANGER ROOM'S 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

Well, Well...

Took me a while to get around to posting this.

Seems we've had a little mini-version of Boston. The local community college tried to do some guerrilla marketing to promote their design program (perhaps even better would be to graduate students who knew the difference between CMYK and RGB?, but I digress).

They have a website, a myspace page (who befriended me the first part of the week) and they created some bomb scares.

First off... really? Terrorists using bright pink boxes?

Secondly, the guys did a crappy execution with some packing tape. Guerrilla marketing doesn't need to be sloppy. Perhaps if the execution of the idea had been finessed they wouldn't have looked like home-made bombs to all these people. Other than that, it was a neat idea and I liked it.

I was still getting calls today about how my old agency had a bomb scare.

Me: Were they pink?
Them: Well, yes.
Me: Those aren't bombs.
Them: But they said on the news...
Me: Those weren't bombs.

(image gets bigger when you click it, also - their website has screen grabs of the now-seemingly-pulled previous articles.)

So, I leave tomorrow for a wedding in Pittsburgh, I'll be back sometime Monday.

If you've ever been to Pittsburgh, I'd love to know some things to do while I'm not at the wedding.

Oh, and pray for no snow. I mean it, I don't want to die on my way back.


I may have messed up my blog. I was playing with the Blogger in Draft and then I switched back, which wasn't a good idea. So I took off the pop-ups and other such till it calms itself down.

But I am *so* going to make these.

via Czeltic Girl

Hummer Helps

Last night I saw the one of the new Hummer Helps commercials. I hadn't read anything on the campaign and I didn't get that it was supposed to be rescue workers - I just thought it had fake newspaper clippings.

Course, when I was looking for the commercial on YouTube, this was the first result - which I thought was hilarious.

On the other hand, this may mean that it takes geniuses to follow my round-about insane logic... or it takes into account the links I post which usually have to do with pretty pictures from space.

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I've never seen the Declaration of Independence used to sell dating services.

Although, I will point out that even though inalienable may technically be an alternative way to spell it, it's actually "unalienable rights" in the Declaration of Independence.

I'm just saying.

Or deficiency, whatever.

If someone spells something wrong in an email, I will sometimes spell it wrong back so they don't think I'm calling them out on their mistake.

Yeah, I know... very weird.

Liquid Sculpture

Martin Waugh's Liquid Sculpture. If anyone feels the need to buy me Christmas presents, the 8x10 is affordable. ;) (I'm just saying.)

via Geekologie

I think most everybody has seen these, but I nearly fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.

PC Christmas

So I'm used to the annual fight over whether or not advertisers should say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas... I say both, whatever.

But the new TomTom commercial, the one where the girlfriend/wife gets out of the car in the middle of a traffic jam and runs into the store to by her husband/boyfriend the GPS system.

When she gets back in the car, she says: "It's an early holiday present."

What?! No, it's not an early holiday present, it's an early Christmas present. An early "holiday" present sounds completely ridiculous.

Unless I've missed some big underground movement I don't think anyone who doesn't celebrate the three holidays of choice goes around putting up family trees or giving holiday presents.

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