Oreo Fueled Rockets

Since my introduction last week to deep fried Oreos I was told that the creme filling was actually sweetened lard - which of course made me feel so much better for enjoying them as much as I did [/sarcasm].

While I was googling to find if this was true (it's not and now Oreos are kosher) I found out that you can make rocket fuel from the creme inside oreos.


  1. captain flummox said...

    I had no idea -- when I got to the video of the Pixie Stix rocket all I could think of us the chaos that would ensue if Macgyver went all terrorist freaky. I mean he could probably throw together an RPG out of some fertilizer, pixie sticks, PVC pip, a funnel and some epoxy.

  2. anna kate said...

    oh, wow -- that's pretty insane.

    i very much like your blog, by the way.

  3. Make the logo bigger said...

    I also heard they used the outisde to repair the shuttle’s tiles. Well that’s what I heard anyway.

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