I don't know where the video is from. A friend sent it to me and he didn't know where his friend got it.


  1. Will said...

    Awwww =( poor squirrel!

  2. James-H said...


  3. Thinking In Vain said...

    Will: I bet the squirrel was fine. :p

    It's funny if you've ever dealt with infestations of squirrels. We used to have a large colony living in the attic here at the office.

    James: I know! :) Too bad there's not follow-up video of whether or not the squirrel landed on his feet. ;)

  4. Jetpacks said...

    It's about time people realized squirrels are nothing more than rats with bushy tails.

    I'm sure PETA is all over this. Whoever did this might get arrested on that damn Animal Cop show.

  5. Will said...

    Hahaha, I didn't know you could even have squirrel infestations. I'm sure you can't get infestations of cute things. Maybe that's just a little ignorant =P.

    But it's okay - grey squirrels are the enemy. We like red squirrels. I've got to stop using the word 'squirrels'. It sounds funny.

  6. Thinking In Vain said...

    Hahaha, I didn't know you could even have squirrel infestations.

    When Freelancefred was still up, there was quite a lengthy description of his attempts to rid his home of the squirrel infestation. (He might have moved it over to

    Before the GE Guys bought the building and refinished the attic, we had squirrels living up there. I swore one day they were going to crash through my office ceiling and attack me.


    And yes, squirrels are rats with tails.

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