If You're Gone For A Week...

Your boss just might almost destroy her computer.

And this is what I spent a good chunk of time fixing yesterday.

It seems last Thursday, she got a hitch in her giddy-up and wanted to rename her home folder on her laptop and this screwed up all her preferences. Not a big deal, right? Wrong because she didn't realize what she'd done so she thought her hard drive was crashing.

Now, our backup/resource IT guy was on vacation, I'm on vacation and she goes into my office and uses my computer to email him. That's all well and good but since she wanted my help as well, it was a bad idea because if she opens my email at work it will download all my emails and I can't check them from home... and she didn't call me (which I was very happy about). So I'm in blissful ignorance of all this until I come in on Monday.

Somewhere in this she finds an old version of Norton (it's why all our software was on my desk when I came back Monday morning) and loads that. Well, not only is Norton bad in general it hates Panther and Tiger so it screws up her machine more. This is when she starts getting error messages about system files. So what does she do? She finds them and deletes them.

So when she comes in Monday morning and starts up her computer, it can't find her hard drive. But she calls me asking for the keyboard shortcut to reconfigure her desktop. My boss isn't big on giving the exact error message, so after some pulling I get that her screen is gray with a message telling her to restart AND text telling her that the hard drive can't be found.

So I reinstalled Panther, her Adobe programs, and fought with Quark for a good hour or more but by then she wants her computer back... even though there's an error message when we restart and Safari won't work (which is of course my fault). Then it is requested that I come to her home and format the external hard drive I'd gotten for her about 2 months ago and backup her hard drive because she was getting error messages.

She was getting error messages because she was trying to reformat the wrong thing.

Anyways, her computer is fine now and all her files are backed up. I tried to hint very nicely that her hard drive had always been (relatively) fine, meaning it hadn't crashed that first time, and that she was the one who'd messed it up.


I have tons of random photographs from my little mini vacation. We went to the annual horse show, went to the regional fair (oh god), and went to a wine tasting festival for my birthday. But I'm at work and the photos are at home, so I'll either have to bring them to work or actually sit down and go through them at home. ;)


  1. Jetpacks said...

    Regional Festival!

    Tractor pull? A washed up rock/country act performing? Deep fried Snickers bars? Giant people wearing too much Wal-Mart acquired stuff? Older ladies in young girl's clothing? Otherwise rural young men pretending that they come from the 'hood?

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    No washed up country acts while we were there. No tractor pull but I have a pig race on video. And instead of deep fried Snickers bars there were deep fried Oreos.

    The last 3 were there en masse.

    p.s. This is also apparently the largest free gate fair in Virginia, but more on that later. ;)

  3. Anonymous said...

    I went to the SAME wine tasting festival for my birthday... :) It's Heather, btw - I don't know how to comment on this thing where it'll show my name... :) TOO weird that we were all there at the same time! To make it better, I went up to Valhalla this past weekend as well... I was all wined out :) Actually, I wasn't. It was gorgeous and the best way to spend my time this weekend. I got some delicious wine too -- perhaps we all need to have a dinner party and some delicious wine soon??

  4. Thinking In Vain said...

    No way, we were there for Gaelic Storm (p.s. go check your facebook).

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