Nowadays, my friends see things like this and automatically think of me.

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For the first time I think I'm a little glad to be at work – I mean at least the building has air conditioning. These little guys don't look very big though – and I wouldn't want that mean guy.

 Oh, and I don't have a dog, but perhaps if I did – I'd get him this fun toy...

Via inspire me now

Look What I Made

Gluing paper to a paper latern is harder than it looks.

I made him look drunk on purpose.

Infrared Film

Unfortunately I never got to shoot with infrared film and I always wanted to. I did try my hand at liquid light – which is about as picky and hard to work with.

If you've never seen any, I stumbled upon some today. I might have to go get some for this weekend, although it really may be too hot outside for that.

See more here

Happy Wednesday

In case your not on Facebook with me – enjoy.

Art & Fun

Because so often we make it not fun... when it is.

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Thanks Ben!

Color Chips

Despite being in Advertising, I don't post much anymore on it... mostly because there has not been a new Slowsky ad in a long time. Only one more reason for my dislike with Comcast to grow. Where's THEIR sitcom?? I mean seriously.

But on to cool ads I just saw and wish I did. At least Durham is sort of near me, maybe I can feel smart by proximity. ;)

Not only are they bright and colorful and make me think of summer – but the sculptures are real and such a great idea. You should be able to buy one. I would buy this one, because I love ice cream. And now I want to repaint my house.

So awesome work McKinney, I like your website too.

Found via Communication Arts, also there are more ads there.

Happy Friday

I wish I could stomp around in red wellies. I will probably be working this weekend. Don't even get me started... I may go be mad on Twitter. :p

Image via FFFFound

I was going to say of course I wanted Gandalf, but that Orc looks like a cute little alien!

Via Geekologie

I had a drawing professor in college who had such perfect handwriting we thought it should be a font. He used a ruler even when he was writing notes on tests.

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Fake Twitters

Kind of awesome™.

Via Gizmodo

New Toy

His official name is Bert, but we may switch his name to Magnum.

Also, still alive and I will post something besides mustaches soon. I guess. :D

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