New Toy

His official name is Bert, but we may switch his name to Magnum.

Also, still alive and I will post something besides mustaches soon. I guess. :D


  1. adchick said...

    Yes, toys are so important to creatives. I have a Slinky that calms me when talking to annoying sales people.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    LOL, I should put up all my toys then. :p

    As you can see I LOVE my rainbow slinky, it's the best thing while thinking...

    My teacher friends call it a sensory break (I think...).

  3. Joker said...

    I once had a pastry locked in his hyperbaric ziplock chamber. His name was Darryl and there's probably even some posts about him... sadly, the cleaning lady did not get the joke and after three weeks, he met an early demise... but regardless, he still lived on in our minds. Honestly it was my lame attempt at competing with another creative who had kep a wrapped twinky for the better part of a decade. Who needs research and development with chemical weapons of that power?

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