Fan Death

I learned about this today while googling information my mother used to scare me as a child. BTW – my mother really is awesome. She used to tell me that you could develop Bell's Palsy by sleeping with a fan on your head.

While googling that I found this: Fan Death

A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association advises that "although the use of fans may increase comfort at temperatures less than 90°F (less than 32.2°C), fans are not protective against heatstroke when temperatures reach greater than or equal to 90°F (greater than or equal to 32.2°C) and humidity exceeds 35%,"[15] and provides a similar but simpler warning to the public on their website.[16] These temperature and humidity conditions are consistent with a death cited in an earlier article critical of fan death, which suggested that fan use was irrelevant.[6]

Be careful out there.


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