Y'all should be so proud of me. I made a little Flash intro, all by myself. Yeah, so what if it wasn't very complicated? I did it. :p

Oh, and if I NEVER hear the words "too much white space" again, I think I'll be OK.

Secondly, we hate the Glade Scented Candle commercials in my house. Only the first one is up on YouTube that I can find. Why? Because the woman is a pathological liar and her friends and family should have had an intervention years ago - I mean who lies about candles? To add to the complete horribleness which is these commercials - the latest one has a talking/moving ginger bread cookie. We throw things at the TV.

Lastly, I HEART the new Slowskys commercial where they're in a movie getting ready for it to start. It's not on YouTube yet because apparently not every one shares my love of those silly turtles.

There's another juried art show coming up and I have to figure out what to enter. Something I've done in the last 2 years and the deadline is fast approaching. Cross your fingers I figure something out.

Oh, and happy Veteran's Day. :)


  1. everysandwich said...

    I want to see your flash intro! More importantly, congratulations on comprehending actionscript! It was my kryptonite.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    LOL, I will send you a link. But, well, I didn't have to know actionscript - it was just some simple rotating of images and stuff.

    But the main thing is I taught myself how to do it. :D

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