Salmon Are Ugly.

That is one, ugly, HUGE fish. Salmon to be more specific. It was over 4ft long and weighed 85lbs.

That's like a second grader or something.

Original article here.


  1. Jetpacks said...

    "That's like a second grader or something."


    And yay!. You're back.

  2. Duke of Schadenfreude said...

    Yes, welcome back! Now, my science is a little fuzzy, but I seem to recall something about the male salmon becoming uglier as he gets hornier. Isn't that right? If so, let's call out the Homer S. quote: "So much like us."

  3. Thinking In Vain said...

    Aw. You guys are awesome. :) I'm blushing... really. :p

    I've never heard that about male salmon, but either way I'm laughing.

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