Jetpacks sent me a GREAT 1970's PSA for escalator safety... You must respect the escalator!


  1. Will said...

    That was chuffing ace!

    I especially loved the boot getting eaten by the escalator. I can't count the number of times I've witnessed horrific accidents such as these which could have easily been avoided if people just listened.

  2. Jetpacks said...

    Chuffing Ace?

    Wow, Will - I learn something new from Brit Bloggers every day.

    Yeah - that boot getting eaten is the height of horror. Now imagine your small child's ankle and foot being shredded by the evil escalator - that only asks for a little respect.

    An escalator can never break. It can only become...stairs.

    - Mitch Hedberg

  3. Thinking In Vain said...

    I am so using Chuffing Ace. That is awesome.

    And I heart Mitch Hedberg.

  4. Will said...

    I think you have to pronounce it "chuffin' ace", to get the full effect. A Manchester accent is a good way to use it (I think it's mainly used there). I was about to say think about Daphne from Frasier, but then I remembered that, although she's English, her Manc accent is awful.

    Of course I'm just trying to play down the British stereotype. Usually I'm all "bloody hell! Pip pip! Tally ho! Tea and crumpets!"

    And thanks to Jetpacks (indirectly), I've become obsessed with these 1970's public information films. They're terrifying!

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