I don't mind having meetings about this program. I don't even mind them being after 5 when I desperately want to go home.

But what does get a little tiresome is the fact that the meetings go on for 45+ minutes. Not because there's that much info to deal with, in fact we go over the same ideas and information each time. No, it's the fact that EVERYONE involved (except for me) went to this high school and wants to reminisce.

Which is fine for the most part - they're funny stories... but after the third time of hearing them and after we've been in the meeting for 45+ minutes and I want to go home, it gets old.

I can't wait until this is over. The intern comes tomorrow and I'm going to have to figure out stuff for him to do. My boss suggested I teach him how to scan. What? We have one scanner (mine) and it's sitting right beside me. If he's scanning I can't work. And I'm not moving my scanner downstairs, it's mine and I'll be difficult about it if I want to.


  1. Will said...

    I hate inside-conversations. When I'm not a part of them, that is.

    You could always make some snide remark about the high school. And.. err.. probably get fired. Never mind. Don't do that.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    Ha ha... yeah I've learned the good habit of biting my tongue and smiling. :)

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