Austin the Intern

Intern: "I don't like the pen tool."

Me: "Too bad."

I wanted to say "tough shit," but he'd only been here 2 days. This kid is more of a burden on me because I have to figure out stuff for him to do so that he can learn programs he doesn't have a clue about.

I may take my friends up on the idea to send him out for a non-existent size/type of paper clip.


  1. anna kate said...

    is your intern in college still?

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    no... he'll be a senior in high school, so he's doing tutorials he doesn't want to do while I do my actual work.

  3. Jetpacks said...

    Tell him,

    "Look outside, dick. See that steam coming off the road? You want to be out there mowing lawns like most high school kids? Or would you rather be across the street at the fast food restaurant, sweating over a griddle in your polyester uniform and a hairnet?

    Now, SHUT the FUCK UP and learn the pen tool."

    He replies, "At least mowing lawns and flipping burgers pays actual money."

    You: "Austin, I will give you $10, tax-free, to not open your mouth the rest of the day."

  4. Thinking In Vain said...


    He actually does work at an ice cream shop at night after he leaves here - that's why he brought us the ice cream.

    But really, I mean, he's got a great opportunity to learn and get experience before he even goes to college - shut up and learn the pen tool.

  5. Will said...

    He brings ice cream too? That's awesome! If it's free. It had better be free. The cheeky little bugger.

    I suppose if he does just end up wasting a great opportunity, you yourself have ample oppurtunity to get ice cream and paper-clip based laughs at his expense... =).

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