I'm thinking about taking Chinchilli Day off. What? I'm a sucker for anthropomorphized stuffed things and they names the guy Hagadus. At least I think they did.

And the Cambridge Who's Who thinks you could be too. Apparently... I should be a recognized archaeologist.

However, I'm submitting myself for Design Ninja.

And hell yes I "liked" this ad. ;)

Saw this on the Facebook Photoshop page. I think I love the color and character palettes.

View BIG version.


I have now been up for 27 hours. And I have 4 more to go before I can go home and sleep. For some reason I volunteered for a 24-hour Create-A-thon where a whole bunch of advertisers in the area decided to stay up from 2pm Friday until 2pm Saturday (today) and create logos/ads/billboards/whatever for local non-profits.

4 hours to go. I have to say now that it's almost over it's been a lot of fun, but next year remind me how tired I am right now. Or to go to bed at a decent time the night before I have to do this... or to take a nap before you try to use an X-acto blade. :p

But now, I think it's time for a donut.

I laughed so hard at this one:

Imma Let You Finish, via @CatchUpLady

Snakes With Feet

My fear of snakes stems largely from an incident when I was 6 and a 7ft black snake decided to drop out of a cedar tree and barely missed me. I hate snakes.

I would have run from the room screaming if that had been clinging to my wall, so kudos to her for beating it to death with a shoe.

Via the Telegraph.

We haven't touched on my favorite turtles in a LONG time. Unlike the cavemen, these are still funny. And I'd watch turtles over cavemen in a sitcom any day.

I'd never by a child something that looked like this.

Underneath Woozee's Jabba the Hutt-meets-Care Bear furry body is ToyBots, an internet-connected toy platform that plays back audio books, spouts location-aware trivia, and that you might be able to tickle online, making it laugh in the real world.

Internet-driven toys are the future, sure, but like I said, still unnerving.

I don't know why you'd want to TICKLE anything from online.

Via Gizmodo.

Via Gizmodo

It's Tuesday...

And around here we have a saying that "Nothing good happens on a Tuesday."

Here's a little something to counteract that.

These are pretty much my new favorite thing. Search Inappropriate Soundtracks on YouTube. This is another favorite: 300.

via Grant.

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