"I don't think it's 'Kraken,' anyways. Always heard it said 'kray-kin'."

"What? With a long A? Na-na-na-na-no-no no, 'kroh-ken''s how it's pronounced in the original Scandinavian, and 'Kraken''s closer to that."

"Well we ain't original Scandinavians, are we? 'Kray-kin.'"

"It's a mythological creature. I can calls it what I wants"

These are fantastic. Chapter 3 is my favorite, mostly because they call Bigfoot a bored farmhand in a monkey suit. And now I want to buy some...

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Hahaha, these are fantastic! Thanks for brightening up my afternoon :).

  2. shaun. said...

    yeah...i love these.

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