A Day Late... Or Several

I don't care. I'm going to post this even if you are all over it. So there. My blog. That I never post to anymore. (BTW – a BUILDING FELL OVER, like completely intact. Well, not completely but you know.)

So June HAS been the month to fear the reaper – I know, BAD joke, but whatever... I'm leaving it. Bea Arthur (OMG, loved the Golden Girls), David Carradine (sorry, I hated Kung Fu), Ed McMahon (I watched the hell out of some Star Search) and Billy Mays. I heard the news about Michael Jackson on the radio. Yes, I still listen to the radio. Which is appropriate since sitting by the radio and recording songs off of it was the only way I could listen to music outside of the radio when I was younger. I didn't have much money to buy tapes and the tapes I did buy had to be approved by my mother (Michael Jackson was off-limits, which made me like him even more).

I was also not allowed to watch MTV and VH1... you know back when the stations actually played music. Times have seriously changed since neither of those stations could break from some really awful programming to show an actual WHOLE video by an entertainer who helped define a music video but whatever I'm rambling. My point being that I was not allowed, so I figured out a way around the block on the TV and watched music videos to my heart's content when my mother wasn't around. I think this explains a lot.

So, I'm posting the video I remember waiting for the most... I waited for other MJ videos, but my mother HATED this one in particular... and you will see why. :p

p.s. Stop it after the video ends, there's some weird Donahue clip at the end. :p

p.s. While I was writing this a coworker came in and said "Are you STILL listening to Michael Jackson?!" Yes, yes I am... DEAL WITH IT.


  1. Jetpacks said...

    One of these days I'd love to hear the explanation for why your mom was so protective. I'm gathering it was religious in nature.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    I was 11 at the time that this video came out and she didn't think an 11 year old should be watching that kind of stuff.

    She thought it was too graphic. And she didn't like his crotch-grabbing. :p

    My theory is based on the fact that I have an older sister who is 12 years older who she was VERY not over-protective with. Knee-jerk reaction. ;)

  3. Jetpacks said...

    I've always hated his crotch-grabbing - but his dance partner's I didn't mind.

  4. SupaDupa said...

    that's ryan white at the end. remember how MJ stood by him when everyone was terrified of AIDS?

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