That would also be the longest title ever. And probably most unimaginative so far for me. And I don't pay a lot of attention to my titles. I know, no wonder no one reads the posts. :p

1PM Internet: I'm So Lonely-- Nobody Ever Calls
Supervisor on speakerphone: Hold on a sec, I've got another call. Hello, this is Mark*.
Caller: Yes, am I in the right place?
Supervisor: I don't know, who were you trying to reach?
Caller: Is this the number for the internet?
Supervisor: No, I'm sorry, this is a state agency.
Caller: This isn't the internet?
Supervisor: Nope, sorry.
Caller: Oh, darn, okay bye.
Supervisor (back to the other line): Well, that was a first.

Newington, Connecticut

Overheard by: but please give it my regards. I'm a huge fan.

via Overheard in the Office, Feb 11, 2009


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