The Slinky is packed and ready to go.

Don't worry, I'll let you all know how much he enjoys his new home next Tuesday.

Our production person thought I'd be here forever. I sometimes thought that too... but onward to bigger, better and newer things.

p.s. I also had to give back my laptop... so until my new computer comes, posting will be sporadic or non-existent. But don't worry I will eventually return emails. Besides, I really want to take a stab at that logo.


  1. Will said...

    How long have you had that slinky...?

    Because, personally, a slinky doesn't last a day with me because it gets all tangled up, with no possible way to rectify it. Grr.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    It was a gift to me when I was working part-time as a Customer Service Rep at a bank (answering phones) to play with when I was bored, so about 6 - 7 years. I had 3 others, but lost them.

    A friend who sat near me was moving to another department and he gave me the slinky and the Dilbert 8-ball which the slinky is half on.


  3. JT Taylor said...

    Love the slinky.

    Hey, maybe no one will YELL AT YOU at your new job. :)

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