That space I leave between me and the car in front of me. On the interstate. When I'm going 70mph. It's so I don't die, not so that you can whip into that space and almost cause a wreck.


You wouldn't be riding your breaks so much if you weren't tailgating that poor person.


I'd so submit these people's license plates to that website for bad drivers, but for some reason I worry about my karma.


Remember the client I was never a fan of?

Well, he was told I was leaving and he goes, "Is it because of me?"

A jerk AND narcissistic.


  1. Jetpacks said...

    That space between cars. Arrrrgh.

    If I carried a gun... it's best I don't. I would be road rage personified, shooting those assholes who whip into that slot, riding bumpers at 70MPH.

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    Ha ha... yeah. That was done to me 4 times this morning in less than a mile.

    I think I need to go home, I'm a bit on edge.

  3. Will said...

    "... but for some reason I worry about my karma."

    I think you submitting those license plates IS the karma. Or, at least, a small step towards it.

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